Music : Say Something

by lynnes in Social Sciences, April 16, 2014

A hit song explained.

Romance and Dating: Indications That It is Time to Find Someone Else!

by Dil Chohan in Relationships, April 16, 2014

Indications that it is time
to find someone else!

It’s All About The Benjamin’s and The Franklin

by Ryan E in Social Sciences, April 16, 2014

For those that travel frequently, such as myself, the last thing that you want is to look like a lost ignorant tourist overseas. It’s already quite an adjustment to get accustomed to different cultures, yet alone comprehending foreign languages and communicating with locals.

Three Thhings for Techies

by Ryan E in Education, April 16, 2014

Tech job getting you down? Hours of work and little play?

How Doing Nothing Can Help You Do Everything

by Ryan E in Lifestyle Choices, April 16, 2014

Once a month I have what I call a “No Tech” Day. During this 24-hour period, I don’t turn on my computer or my cell phone. I don’t drive my car or watch TV, Netflix or videos and I don’t listen to music. I don’t text, Tweet or use my landline to reach out. I don’t microwave or do laundry. I do turn on the heater if necessary and will use electricity for lights in the evening. It’s a cathodic fasting of sorts, and it juices me up to do more and be more productive in the days that follow this break in my routine.

For or Against The Medical Device Tax

by Michele M in Economics, April 16, 2014

When we came to put this article together, we planned a head to head on the pros and cons of this new tax, however we overestimated the number of people would be for this medical device tax, also knows as the tong depressor tax, during the research stage we interrogated a number of industry opinion leaders and canvassed opinion widely.

Using Safe and Natural Cleaning Products for Your Pet

by Michele M in Government, April 16, 2014

There are a number of behaviors that our pets do that embarrass us such as drinking out of the toilet bowl, squirming to get to a hard to reach itch, sniffing or worse eating poop and the list goes on and on. But for most pet owners this is just a part of being a pet owner and makes great storytelling. After all pets are our children too!

Work Accident or Occupational Injury?

by Michele M in Law, April 16, 2014


Cold Weather or Warm Weather

by Sasha1983 in Organizations, April 16, 2014

Everyone has their own choice on how they want to live. Some people are handed a lifestyle that they want to improve on by hard work.

Medical Choices: Make Yours

by Michele M in Issues, April 16, 2014

In recent news, there have been reports of phar­ma­cists who reject on eth­i­cal grounds the fill­ing of pre­scrip­tions for the “morn­ing after” pill. Can they refuse to fill a valid pre­scrip­tion from a licensed health care pro­fes­sional? Appar­ently they can and do.

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