August 28th, 1833

by jaleugui in Issues, August 28, 2015

Slavery Abolition Act was finally signed, 182 years ago. It would be existing since then on for the whole United Kingdom including their colonies.

“THE Natural Sparkling Lights with (In) THE Night of Anjiro [= Enlightenment (*)]“

by jackislands in Issues, August 28, 2015

*Historically, the term "ENLIGHTENMENT" serves to call a "DOWN TO EARTH INTELLECTUAL MOVEMENT", put into Evidence by the 18th Century, when the "WESTERN WORLD" went ahead toward the modernity, refusing traditional ideas and values, making prevail the notion of the human progress, and promoting the use of the reason and the direct observation of the environment.

Mind is Not a Vessel But a Fire to be Kindled

by prisa7989 in Issues, August 28, 2015

Which one’s presence can be felt stronger?. A vessel filled with water or a small spark?
The filled vessel will remain as it is for ages while the small spark will rapidly spread it’s aura around and soon will sneak in every corner existing.

Rat Pack Curiosity

by Leonardo da Vinci E. in Issues, August 28, 2015

Philosophical poetry.

Speaking Truth to Power

by soph soph in Issues, August 28, 2015

Issues faced by many people in their offices that they are too afraid to speak out about.

Miley Cyrus Goes Undercover to Find Out How Much People Hate Her

by rahul4047 in Issues, August 28, 2015

Actress/singer Miley Cyrus, daughter of “90s country star Billy Ray Cyrus, achieved early fame as the star of Disney”s Hannah Montana series and went on to become a hugely successful pop artist.Recently he takes the stage as host of the MTV Video Music Awards this coming Sunday night, Miley Cyrus visited Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. And in addition to sitting down for an interview with the host, she went out onto the street in front of his theater in disguise to ask people what they think of her.

As one man told Cyrus, “The whole fabric of America is falling apart and she’s not doing anything to try to keep it together.”click here to see

Live Sea Urchin

by desmonrock21 in Issues, August 28, 2015

Poisonous sea urchin.

Behind The Tea Party

by Jerry Gahan in Issues, August 28, 2015

There is some debate about the creation of the Tea Party, but ultimately they merge into one. In 2002, a Tea Party movement website was published at usteaparty, it stated "our US Tea Party is a national event, hosted continuously online and open to all Americans who feel our taxes are too high and the tax code is too complicated”. The website was owned by the Citizens for a Sound Economy, a Koch Brothers front group that later became Americans For Prosperity and FreedomWorks, the two main financial supporters of the Tea Party, The site did not take off at the time. That website later became The Sam Adams Alliance.

Five Inspiring Quotes on Women’s Equality From Famous Women

by aliahsen in Issues, August 28, 2015

Five inspiring quotes on women’s equality from famous women on 19th Amendment anniversary.


by cheikh636 in Issues, August 28, 2015

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