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Can Climate Change be Reversed?

Climate Change will affect us all and this is aimed at encouraging individual actions to reverse the damage our species is causing.

Its highly likely that you are reading this because like many, if not yet most, of us you are concerned about the very clear signs of global warming reported almost daily. What can be done, how can it be organized on a world wide basis, how long will it take to reap the benefits?

As the data accumulates regarding the influence mankind has over climate change, resource depletion, etc, the question forming in my mind is how to differentiate (other than in time scale) between ourselves and a viral infection.

Whilst we are supposedly an intelligent life form, the distinct lack of collective thought and action to prevent a headlong rush into environmental disasters seems to compare closely to the way in which a virus will often replicate at a rate that, without intervention, will destroy its own host, thereby killing itself. Only by gaining access to other hosts does the virus survive and “prosper”.

The earth is our one and only host – shouldn’t even the most meager of politicians be fully engaged in defending that host?

We’ve heard and read it so many times “what”s the point in me worrying about it – I can’t make a difference on my own’.

Is that even a half truth? Maybe, but I like to think that it’s a whole lot less than half. A greater truth can surely be seen by returning to the comparison with viral infections, and how our immune systems respond and defeat them.

When we suffer from one of these it is the white blood cells in our system that have to take on and defeat the “invader”. Initially the virus gains a foothold and multiplies rapidly, causing disruption to our own “climate control” (fever).

Our immune system responds as quickly as it is able, but (and here is the main point) it is the combined efforts of huge numbers of individual white cells that overcome the infection, not one mighty force on its own.

We all have the potential to become members of a similar force for good in the battle to save our climate, it’s a networking principle – we don’t need the politicians to tell us what to do, we need to tell them where they are failing. We wait for action from the likes of GW Bush at our peril.

A small change in outlook and actions by everyone is all that is needed to change the fortunes of all. Let us all link up and break down the political barriers that threaten the very future of our planet, the lives of our children and indeed those of most species living today.

Dinosaurs were amazingly successful at colonizing the world – but were powerless to cope with the disaster that wiped them out. We have the advantage of not only being able to see what is coming, but in having the means to avoid wipe-out.

A little thought, a little action, but a lot of people, surely it all adds up. We can, we must, take individual and collective responsibility for the future of our climate, second chances are rather unlikely this time around. Time to take on the mantle of the white cells and work together without the need for slow and ineffective central control.

Together we can give the world and our offspring the prospect of a real future. Recycling is just one way that we can all contribute – local government systems are improving, but we can go beyond their efforts. Consider the waste that results from our choice of purchases, do we need all that packaging, are there simpler versions of that product, is it available in paper rather than plastic wrapping? Do we really need cling film or plastic food bags – airtight plastic storage boxes are more than adequate most times.

The purpose of this article though is not to produce endless lists, but to simply encourage everyone to take part, to question everything and contribute to the global efforts needed. Look around in your area to see what collective efforts are already being made – see if there are schemes that you can join or maybe start one with your friends and family, encourage schools to get involved, ask your boss if there are ways to save on waste packaging, energy, etc.

The world wide web has given us the means to bring about the “ground up” revolution needed, let’s all show the governments of the world how to stop wasting time on analysis and reports and just get the job done. There’s no better time to start than now!

Dave, aka Rhumour

Revised March 30th 2008

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