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Global warming a threat to future generations

Just a warning on global warming effects on out future and the solutions available

The global warming is something that we should be worry about, is a increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans in recent decades and its known that will continue into the future.

The warming of the Earth began to be noticed around 1900 when temperature increased by 0.75 °C (1.4 °F) compared with 50 years ago in 1850, accordingly with instrumental temperature record. In 1900 this increase in temperature wasn’t noticed to much, but after 1900, decade after decade this fact started to make people wander what are the causes of this.The world climate is varyingboth through natural processes and human or non-human causes.


The emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) or methane (CH4) to Earth’s atmosphere, will make the planet’s surface warmer and and increase the Greenhouse effect on the planet.

Another effect of the planet worming is the rise of the sea-level by melting away the glacial ice on the poles.

In Antarctica ice shelves started collapsing in recent years, consistent with the rapid warming trend there since 1945. In the future the melting of the ice can increase sea level by as much as 19 feet – that is 5.8 meters – that is a lot!. And we all know that see-level rise means also that land is lost to waters-few meters on see-level rise can mean loosing Islands.


There are a lot of global warming solutions but in reality they are not put into good use,the reasons why there not are many but we should wake up,really fast.

First we should reducing the amount of fossil fuels and use to power our vehicles and generate our electricity other clean renewable sources of energy, cars and other types of vehicles should be electric only.Such auto mobiles exist today but at a limited scale,

some hybrids where made but only on limited scale. Today we have many types of cars that can run with electricity, water, air or hydrogen : electric cars, cars powered by water, cars that run with compressed air or can convert hydrogen or a hybrid between them. Other types of fuels are tested but we basicllly found some good solutions for classic type that pollute the air and worms our planet.

We should encourage this developments and start thinking of the future, if you want to

have one, a future that is not dark and polluted but one in which the people will live happy and healthy, so start building that future now.

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