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Kisses That Kill – Blanche Moore

A profile of blanche moore.

Kisses That Kill

Blanche Moore

 Murderer from North Carolina.

She was born on February 17, 1933.  Her father was Parker D. Kiser a mill-worker, an alcoholic, ordained Baptist minister, and a womaniser. Parker forced her to sell her body to pay his gambling bills.  He died in 1966, from a supposed heart attack.

In 1952, she got married to James Napoleon Taylor, a veteran and furniture restorer; she had two children, one in 1953 and another in 1959.

In 1954, she began working at Kroger as a sales assistant.

 By 1959, she’d been promoted to head cashier/ customer service manager, the highest a female employee could get at Kroger at the time.

In 1962, she began an affair with Raymond Reid, the manager of the store where she worked

Moore and Reid started dating openly after her husband’s demise in 1971. The cause of death was reportedly a heart attack.

By 1985, however, the relationship had started to crumble. She began an affair with Kevin Denton, the local manager for the Triad area, the relationship ended soon after, and Moore filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Denton and Kroger in October 1985. Denton was forced to leave, and Kroger settled the case out of court two years later for $275,000.

Moore had met Rev. Dwight Moore before leaving Kroger. However, she had to hide her relationship with Rev. Moore because her court case against Kroger maintained that she was “completely alienated and antagonistic towards men and has not been able to maintain any meaningful social contacts with the opposite sex.” While she was dating Rev. Moore, she asked him to acquire some arsenic-based ant killer for her.

In 1985, Moore also accused an unknown “pervert” of starting two fires that damaged her mobile home.

In 1986, Reid developed what was at first diagnosed as a case of shingles. He was hospitalised in April of that year, and died on October 7, 1986. Doctors indicated the cause of death was Guillain-Barré syndrome.

The court case was settled a year after Reid’s death. Blanche and Reverend Dwight Moore began seeing each other publicly shortly after Reid’s death. They planned to marry, but in 1987, Blanche Moore developed breast cancer. The wedding date was pushed back to November 1988, but Moore developed a puzzling intestinal ailment that required two surgeries to correct. On 19 April 1989 the couple were married and honeymooned over a long weekend in New Jersey. They returned on a Monday, and on Wednesday Rev. Moore collapsed ill after eating a chicken sandwich. Doctors at N. C. Memorial in Chapel Hill determined that the cause was arsenic poisoning. Investigation later determined that Rev. Moore had survived the largest dose of arsenic poisoning.

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