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Lessons for Life From Kite-flying

Kids fly kites and even adults love to fly kites. In some countries, they even celebrate kite flying festivals and invite everyone to fly kites that come in innovative designs and colors to paint the skies with different hues.

1. Everyone Needs Nudging:

Regardless of the powers of the kite, it is necessary that they are thrown into the air before they can gain heights. Therefore, a little bit of encouragement and motivation is enough to make the persons take huge risks of flying in thin air, with just a thin thread of lifeline for them.

2. Make Best Use of Resources:

Kites do not have wings, but they fly in air. They do not have feathers to control the flow of air, but they still navigate through the winds. This is because the kite-flier would know how to make good use of the winds and drafts in not just retaining their object in air, but also to make it go higher than anybody else’.

3. Overcome Shortcomings:

Kites are bound to the ground with the strand of thread. They have tails but cannot control them. They are not live flying creatures with naturally embedded gyroscopes to know which one is upside and right side… and they still make it to the heights and make the heads turn to the skies in awe and happiness. For every shortcoming, there is a great power instilled in each of the beings on earth. Those who find out the unique strength would go places and it requires a little support from those in their social circle as well.

4. Strings Attached:

Regardless of the heights that the kites can fathom, they are still stringed to their owners. Life is beautiful… conditions apply. Learn to handle the conditions and sail through the waters that the life has to offer. There is no free meal in nature and everything has strings attached. Remember… life will be boring otherwise!

5. Take Criticism Constructively:

The kite flier pulls their kite down, not to bring it back to earth, but to encourage the kite to gather more wind and go higher than it earlier was. Similarly, when people take time to give feedback or criticize someone, it has to be understood that that someone is very important to them that they spend their precious time in passing their thoughts. Appreciate the feedback and take criticism positively, without worrying about the intent behind it. The intent would become the teller’s problem if the listener takes it in the right spirit.

6. Stay Connected, Always!

While people tend to fly high in their lives, they would tend to forget their roots easily and would not mind to let go of their old friendships and relationships that they would have nurtured for years, even if it means that they have to lose a marriage over a divorce! What could success bring to those who do not care about the feelings of others? Therefore, just as the kite links itself to their owners through the strings, it is necessary for people to respect and regard all their relationships.

7. Be Flexible, But Never Break:

The sturdy kite would either fall down or break if the gusts of winds are strong enough. It has to show some degree of sturdiness and flexibility to allow the wind to do what it has got to do… lift the spirits of the kite and the altitude as well.

8. Pulled Down, Move Up:

Life will keep throwing challenges and ensure that the persons would stay in their knees as long as they think that they cannot rise up. Imagine being a kite, which is always being pulled down by its owner, but never gives up and keeps gaining better heights always. Similarly, when life pulls down, the persons should emerge hitting higher altitudes than their earlier position.

9. Ask for Help!

Kites may get stuck in trees, but would be rescued by the owners or the passing gusts of winds. Even those that are permanently stuck would become part of the canopy. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that the help is there, if one asks, or else they would be stuck in the branch or the post permanently like a kite!

10. Release or Lose!

The kite owners know that whenever they pull their kites down, they have to let go of some length of the strings to ensure that the kites stay in air. Similarly, parents and mentors should also know when to let go of their children and pupils and what length they can release at a time, since release of too much string also would bring down the kite.

While kite flying is too much fun, one has to notice the things that they can learn by just observing kites. Make use of these lessons and fly free in life and enjoy the wind in the face!

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    Good lessons.

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    On January 31, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    Indeed it is very good lesson

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    On February 1, 2012 at 3:37 am

    Thanks Carissimi and Eunice

  9. papaleng

    On March 2, 2012 at 11:20 am

    These are good lessons to live by.

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    On March 5, 2012 at 2:08 am

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