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Most Remarkable and Horrible Infanticide Cases in The World

Why do they kill their newly born babies? Isn’t it the cruelest and most horrible thing that a person can do? Abortion is a horrible thing but infanticide is much much more horrendous.

Babies are like angel. They bring joy and happiness to the family. How in the world will a mother kill her angels?  Infanticide is one of the most horrible and terrifying crimes a human can commit. Killing a newly born baby is truly a terrible act that only humans that are not mentally and emotionally stable can do.   

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Here are the most horrifying cases of infanticide in modern history.

1. Dominique Cottrez

Cottrez is 45 years of age from France. She was charge in July 2010 for killing 8 of her newly born babies when the bodies of these infants were found hidden in the Villers-au-Tertre, a small and quiet village located in Northern France. The case of this French mother is considered the worst case of infanticide in recent French history. Cottrez, who is a former nursing assistant, killed her babies by smothering them. She is currently undergoing mental and psychiatric care.

What’s her reason for killing her babies?

According to her testimony, she was raped by her father when she was between 8 and 14 as well as many times after she got married. Afraid that the father of his new born baby is her father instead of her husband, she decided to kill every baby that she gave birth. She killed all her babies by systematically strangling them. She did not want doctors to find out they were her father’s. His father died in 2007. Cottrez also admitted that she murdered all of her 8 babies she didn’t want to use contraceptive.

Her husband didn’t know that Dominique was pregnant multiple times because she is chubby. Cottrez has two grown up daughters. The 8 babies that she killed were born between 1988 and 2007.

How did they discover these horrifying and inhumane acts?

The Cottrezes owned the property in Villers-au-Tertre up until 1991. The new owner, through “sheer chance” discovered the remains of two of the babies in the garden of a house the Cottrezes used to own. The new owners were digging a duck pond when they come across human remains which had been placed in sealed bags. The other 6 babies were found in the family’s new house less than a kilometer away from their old house.

2. March Celine Lesage

March Celine Lesage is also a French mother who killed 6 of her newborn babies in Roueb, France. She murdered them and hid their corpses in a cellar or a room below ground level in her house. She was sentenced to 15 years for murdering her 6 babies and is now serving a life imprisonment. The father of her 5 children is Pascal Catherine, 39 years of age. They live together for 15 years as common law man and wife and split up in 2006.

How did she murder her newly born babies?

She killed two of her babies using a cord and choked four others by placing her fingers in their mouth. The babies were born in secret between August 2000 and September 2007. The babies were put in sealed bags and were hidden in the basement.

How did they discover these horrible acts?

In 2007, this horrific secret was uncovered when a new boyfriend, Mr. Garandaux, was taken to the decaying corpses by Lesage’s teenage son.

3. Veronique Courjault

Another controversial mother who murdered her newly born babies is Veronique Courjault. She’s 44 and her horrible case of infanticide is known worldwide as “Freezer Babies case”. She killed 3 of his newborn babies, found guilty and was sentence in 2009 for 8 years imprisonment for killing her babies between 1999 and 2003. The babies were put in the freezer after they were murdered by their own mother. She’s married to an engineer and they have two sons. They lived in South Korea but maintained a home in Tours City, France.  Veronique is said to be suffering from a psychiatric disturbance called “denial of pregnancy”.  


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Trivia: Do you know that 90% of neonaticidal mothers are 25 years of age or younger. Less than 20% are married and less than 30% are seen as psychotic or depressed

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