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Population Education and Its Objectives

It is an article on definition and objectives of Population Education.

Population Education is one of the upcoming educational innovations in the world. It has a relatively short history. The first national seminar on Population Education was held in Mumbai in 1969. Now the inevitable question arises that what this Population Education is.

First of all I have to confess that it is not at all an easy task to define Population Education. Several experts have attempted various definitions of Population Education but a universally accepted definition is yet to be found. The Regional Seminar on Population and Family life Education, UNESCO, Bangkok, 1970 defines: “It is an educational program which provides for a study of population situation in family, community, nation and the world, with the purpose of developing in the students, rational and responsible attitudes and behavior towards that situation.”

According to Prof. Noel David Burleson: “Population Education or population awareness refers to factual knowledge about population dynamics required to understand the nature and magnitude of the burden imposed by rapid population growth.”

Now taking the help of the above opinions it may be summed up: Population Education is an exploration of knowledge and attitudes about population, family living, reproductive education and basic values. This means educating the students about the large and ever-increasing population and the problems which this population creates.

Objectives are considered as prime necessities in each and every type of educational policy. Unless the objectives are specific and practical no definite program of education can be laid down. Likewise, Population Education necessitates spelling out objectives for its teaching.

The policy level objectives of Population Education emphasizes on developing methodologies by influencing the young through schools and the adults through other educational agencies. It undertakes different educational programs, methods of teaching, curricular and co-curricular activities for school goers and out of schools.

Population Education aims at developing the understanding of demographic situation of the population growth. This program helps the learners to understand the population growth in different stages. It also facilitates to understand different causes in the rise and fall of the rate of population growth.

Another objective of Population Education is developing an understanding of the influence of population growth on social, political, economic and cultural life of individuals. It enables the learners to understand the serious effects of population growth on vitality of our economic life.

The motto of Population Education is to create an understanding of scientific and medicinal growth and advancement. Different programs of Population Education make the learners aware of the contribution of medical sciences and technological development towards the human lives.

Another important objective of population education is to develop an understanding of the evil effects of over population on the environment and the dangers from pollution. The purpose is to make an acquaintance with the effects of population growth on air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, thermal pollution, radioactive pollution, food and soil pollution, etc.

Developing the understanding of the rapid growth of population and its multidimensional causes is another objective of this educational program. It not only formulates educational strategies but also roots out different causes of population growth.

Population Education enables the learners to have an appreciation of the relationship between population size and the quality of life. Unchecked population growth creates economic problems and political tensions.

Besides the above objectives this educational program creates an appreciation of the relationship between small size family and its good effect on the preservation of health of the mother and the welfare of the children. It also helps the learners to understand that the family size is controllable and population limitation can facilitate the development of a higher quality of life.

The objectives mentioned in this article are more or less suggestive. The interaction among the various facts of the population dynamics is such that it is not possible to encircle them with a defined border. These objectives merely outline an operational framework of Population Education.

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