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Proper Ways to Avoid Water Pollution, Measures on Saving Water, and Preventing Water Wastage

Water is the basic need and primary supply of people, animals and plants. It is not only utilized for drinking but also for other domestic purposes such as food production and operation of industries. Through the years, the need for clean and safe water, being one of the richest natural resources, will be greatly necessary as the population growth continues.

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Do you know that seventy percent (70%) of Earth’s surface is composed of water? However, ninety-seven percent (97%) of this is salt water, which can’t be used for drinking, agriculture and industry.

Water comes from various sources which include a deep well, drilled or driven more than 100 feet deep; artesian well is a shallow or deep well, springs, streams, rivers, rainwater, lakes, ponds and piped water distributed to houses.

Truly, water is very essential to people due to its abundant uses. Thus, it is quite important for people to enjoy safe and clean water in order to stay alive and live healthy.

Surely, we cannot survive in the absence of water. Take for instance, how really fundamental the water in our body is. Research says, there is approximately sixty-percent (60%) of water content in our body. The water content in our body must not be lower than twenty percent (20%) to be able to sustain our life. It is essential to drink eight to ten glasses of water and other fluids every day in order to maintain the required amount of water necessary to our body. In every household, more water is needed in the preparation and cooking of food, in bathing, in cleaning the house, and in other matters. It is assessed that around seventy gallons of water daily is consumed for household chores.

Aside from this fact, water as a source of food is quite needed by several people around the world. A very good example on this is in the Philippines. One of the most fundamental resources for the Filipinos is water resources, such as rivers, streams, and lakes. These bodies of water are rich fishing grounds of fish, shrimps, shells, seaweeds, and many other products which are bountiful sources of vitamins and minerals necessary to the body. Numerous of Filipinos rely on the sea for their means of livelihood. As far as irrigation purposes are concerned, water is the primary need of farmers, especially during the summer season or when there is not much rain. Most of the basic crops planted by farmers, like rice and corn, need more water to raise production. This need is met even during the dry season through the help of irrigation system.

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