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The Meaning of Motivation

Understanding of motivation by Wexley & Yukl is giving or evocation motive, it can also be interpreted to be the motive or circumstances.

To further clarify the discussion of the motivation, the following terms of motivation, according to some experts of human resource management, among which:

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* While according to Mitchell motivation represent psychological processes, which led to the emergence, diarahkannya & the persistence of volunteer activities are directed towards a specific destination.
* Gray prefer to call the sense of motivation as a number of processes that are internal, or external to an individual, giving rise to the attitude of enthusiasm and persistence, in terms of carrying out certain activities.
* Morgan argued that the motivation concerned with 3 things which constitute aspects of motivasi.ketiga it is: a state that drives behavior, behavior that is driven by circumstances, and objectives of these behaviors.
* Mc. Donald chose the understanding of motivation as a change of power within one’s self is characterized by the impulse effective & achieving tujuan.motivasi reactions are complex problems in organisasi.karena needs and desires of each member organization is different from one another. This is different because every member of an organization is a unique biologically and psychologically & developed over dasarproses learn differently.
* Chung & Megginson, quoted by Faustino Cardoso Gomes, explained that the definition of motivation is the level of the work done by someone who is pursuing an objective and related to job satisfaction and job perfoman.
* T. Hani Handoko said that motivation is one’s personal circumstances that drive the desire of individuals to perform certain activities in order to achieve the goal.
* A. Anwar King Mangku State, giving the sense of motivation to generate conditions that influence, direct and maintain behaviors associated with the work environment.
* H. Hadari Nawawi defines motivation as a state that encourages / or to cause someone to do something actions / activities that take place consciously.
* Yet another with Henri Simamora. Understanding the motivation he described as a function of individual expectations that a particular effort will produce a level of performance which in turn will bring about benefits / results desired.
* Soemanto generally defines motivation as a change of power marked by the encouragement effective & achieving reactions. Because human behavior is always purposeful. We can conclude that the change of power that gives strength to reach the goal behavior. Has occurred within one’s self.
From the above notions of motivation, it can be concluded that motivation is a situation / conditions that encourage, stimulate / drive the person to do things / activities that are done so that he can achieve his goal.

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