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The Tread Also Barbies Mars

To mark the first anniversary of the arrival of Curiosity to Mars, NASA and Mattel have released a curious version of the iconic doll.

Hits the market the “Barbie explorer on Mars

NASA and Mattel have released this week’s “Barbie explorer on Mars”, to celebrate the first anniversary of the robot “Curiosity” in neighboring planet.

The pack contains a doll with a fully equipped space suit and pink rover. “Barbie is ready to put some pink on the red planet”, said the toymaker. This new edition equips the wrist in a space suit with reflective pink, helmet, backpack space boots space and also roses.
50 years of space suits

“This new doll is part of the line” I can be “that, with more than 130 runs, inspires girls’ Mattel indicated. As he explained, the new Barbie encourages small “to be adventurous and always reach the stars.”

Along with the pack, “Barbie explorer on Mars” includes a list of events that have achieved different astronauts women in U.S. history. This is the first edition produced in collaboration with NASA, after nearly 50 years this doll wearing space suits.

The first Barbie astronaut suit, known as “Miss Astronaut Barbie”, was released in 1965, two years after the Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in the world to fly in space and 18 years before a American woman, Sally Ride, follow.

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