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Time to Destroy AIDs

Don’t we have enough ammunition to wipe out HIV and AIDS?

Even an AIDs virus has to live somewhere.  That somewhere is called a capsid. Now that scientists know where AIDS lives, they can destroy it’s home.  With a sequenced genome and a clear understanding of the physics and chemistry of the AIDS capsid it is time for an all out assault.  We ought to be looking for every substance known to man that can take the AIDS capsid apart, or poison it or fracture it or make it unfit for habitation.  There should be no where AIDS can live, or rest, or reproduce in the human body.

All diseases, illnesses, sicknesses and ailments can and should be cured by this generation.  Out of all the problems that plague mankind, disease is the one we agree on and the one we can solve.  When I say that we agree on diseases I mean that almost no one wants a deadly disease and almost everyone understands that if no one around you is sick, chances are you won’t be either.

It is clear that we ought to concentrate on curing the deadliest diseases first, for both altruistic and selfish reasons.  AIDs is front and center as one of the diseases that should be tackled first.

Bee venom is thought by some to have many therapeutic effects.  Lately, there has been research that shows that some toxins in bee venom actually destroy HIV.

Some scientists are having success by forcing AIDS out of its hiding places in the body and then getting the body to recognize AIDs as a foreign body.  At this point the body’s immune system will do the rest.

Bone marrow transplants in some people have seemed effective against the AIDS virus but almost no one would want to go through the procedure and you need a tissue match donor.

An HIV infected baby given a strong cocktail of anti viral medicines seems be cured of the disease.

It has long been known that breast milk contains healthy compounds that a child may receive from no other source.  Research has been shown that breast milk can help infected babies resist HIV.

Work is being done on various methods to prevent AIDs.  There is also research being done on using anti AIDS drugs to prevent the transmission to non-infected people.

We must take any newly discovered substances and try them out  as anti disease drugs.  This includes the secretions of all newly discovered animals and plants and even the fermented food that is popular in some native cultures.

As we begin to get more and more results from testing every substance against every disease, we must be prepared to go to the next round of testing.  Everything that was found to either encourage disease or kill it must be tested in combination using the Design of Experiments.   There may be some surprising results from giving bacteria or viruses what they think they like and then giving them a dose of the substances they like least in the world.  Opening them up and then shoving the poisons in.

We mustn’t neglect mechanical means to kill viruses either.  Sound, ultrasound, ultraviolet light, laser light and anything we can think of should be tried against the viruses.


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