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Too Hot: The Women Rejected by Playboy

Maybe you did not know existed, but it turns out that the most daring men magazine the world has limits. Great pop star to movie star’s daughter who went too far, the story of seven women who really wanted to spread the rabbit ears, and rejected. Do not worry, we’ll find them wearing less.

A little hard to believe, but the magazine has become the favorites classy naked women, set fairly high standards of his candidacy. On the one hand exposed over the years hundreds of models and actresses rather anonymous, on the other hand some of the big names were editors negative answer and had to download their clothes elsewhere. Quite an embarrassment, go explain now someone men’s magazine prefer you dressed.

Bridget Mrkwardt

ברידג'ט מרקווארדט

Bridget Mrkwardt (right). Now you see why not accept it?


Here’s proof that sometimes goes wearing bunny … or something. Bridget Mrkward was participating in the program as reality show produced by Playboy TV channel. Program which documented her life with two stars that filled our lives with joy and naked (Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison). But who is really hard for us to explain, could Mrkward fail no less than five test shots magazine. How to fail a mission where all you need is to forget the clothes at home? We do not have a clue. But Mrkward received a consolation prize, and was invited to continue living at home. Oh no, wait, it’s actually a consolation prize of Huff.

Britney Spears

בריטני ספירס טופלס

Oops, I did it again. Must register myself on hand: dressed in the morning


Can be a few seconds to pass … It’s astonishment? Nrgatm? Beauty. Been initially important to note Britney was not rejected in the sense of the other women on this list. The fact that one of the hottest singers in the world willing to part with clothes for the magazine, was one of the greatest fantasies of all those involved in nude photography. So why do not we got to see the barrios? A Playboy claims that the reason lies deep scratch Mrs. Spears. “We were and we are still very interested in photography of Brittany.’s Also expensive, once you find a way to take care of herself.” But we think it’s crazy even more naked hot?


טאטו בעירום

Do not worry honey, there is someone to let us strip


Hard to believe that someone you do not remember the hot pop duo sensation and loving Russia, giving new meaning to the term View videos Bmiot. When they arrived two legal age, and realized that now it really okay to roll each other with wet shirts hot video clips, they expressed great interest to star magazine. But, surprisingly, the American magazine editors and German is decided to reject the offer for lack of interest. We just hope they do not work there anymore.

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