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10 Easy Home Remedys and Tips to Making Your Plants Grow Faster and Sweeter!

This is an Article about how to make your Flowers grow faster and how to make your fruits Sweeter. Don’t waste your money on expensive fertilizers! Use this secret old Eastern method that has been used for a long time.

What helps plants grow faster? If your asking that question, you’ve come the the right place!

In order to keep plants healthy you must maintain its health status. Here are some factors that tell you your plant is not doing so well:

The leaves are shriveled

The stem is sloped at an odd angle

The pedals are wrinkled

The tip or the whole leaves are brown

Unusual brown or black color

There are many factors to a dead plant, but those are just the most common. In order to dodge all those situations this article will tell you the tips and techniques to a successful garden.

First tip, Don’t drown the one your helping. – The key to a living plant human or animal is to take the amount of water they need and not to take more then necessary. Would you drink so much water that you would drown in it? Would you let you dog drink 2 gallons of water daily? NO! So don’t do it to your plant. Plants that are 10cm should get 1/3 a cup of water. As a plant that is 20-30cm should get 3/5 of a cup of water. plants that are 40-60cm should get nearly 3/4-1 cup of water daily. Any more then this recommended amount and your plant will drown/Shrivel.

Second tip, Don’t boil or freeze your plant. – It’s nice to take a shower in warm water isn’t it? Hot water just wont do. If you water your plant with hot water, there is a high chance the leaves will get burned/internally damaged. You would be better off  watering your plants with warm to cool water, never boiling hot water nor ice cold water.

To prevent hot water being used on plants, I recommend turning on the hose and letting the water out away from the plant, that way the hot water contained inside the hose(heated by the sun) will be pushed away by the fresh cool water. Just let the water fall onto your hand so you can feel when the water is suitable enough for the plants.

Third tip, Tea is great for the health of you and your plant. – Drinking Chinese green tea is some what soothing, It relaxes the mind and builds up the body. Tea is often used as medicines, drinks, aroma therapy, and planting. After finishing a round of tea you might as well not waste the perfectly good tea leaves. Just like any other plant, leaves are broken down by decompose-rs, such as worms, fungi and other insects/plants.

The tea leaves are great to use as fertilizer, it gets decomposed and put into the soil by various types of decompose-rs. But before setting the tea leaves onto the soil, I recommend you re-boil the used tea leaves and let the water sit to cool down. Once the water is cooled down to room temperature take the tea, and water the flowers with it. Then take the tea leaves and place them onto the soil. In a couple of days you will notice your plants livening up and growing faster.

The tea and leaves have lots of nutrients and acts like a type of fertilizer, no need to buy expensive fertilizers anymore, just have a cup of tea and give the remains to your plants! What a great way to save money! (Don’t always spoil your plants with tea, give them some water every once and a while too!)

Fourth tip, The great outdoors, and the perfect spot. – People say staying inside for too long can get boring, some even go mentally insane. Sunlight helps people liven up and become happy, due to the amount of Vitamin D the sun gives us. Sunlight also helps plants grow by Photosynthesis! Photosynthesis works as a cycle for plants to make there own food. They take in the carbon dioxide that we breathe out, mix it with water and sunlight to create natural sugar(glucose) as food and Oxygen(O2) to breathe. Without the Suns energy plants can’t grow as fast as they could.

When planting things outside, I recommend you place the plants West side of your house, facing the East side of your house. Plant it 20cm away from a fence and 25cm away from a sidewalk. By doing so you cut the amount of light your plants get.

You can have sunburns, so can your plant. By placing the plants west of the house, it does not get sunlight for the first 3-4 hours of the day (8AM-12PM) once 12PM comes along the sun will begin to shine onto your plant, you get lunch and so does your plant. After 4-6 hours of your plants absorbing the harsh sun, its time to intake less, so at about 5-6PM the sun will begin to set, thus making your plant relax and take in less light. By the time night falls your plant will have the PERFECT amount of light.

Fifth tip, Time is precious, don’t waste it, schedule it. – When you eat food, you don’t eat once, you eat at a certain time to even it out. When watering your plant (tea or water) I recommend you water them a bit in the morning (1/5 cup) and then water them fully in the after noon. By that I mean a plants appetizer at 8-10AM and then the plants main course at 3-5PM. That way the plant wont become too dry throughout the day. You should modify the amount of water at certain times of the day, depending on the type and condition of the plant.

Sixth tip, When your not where you belong you are asked to leave, not to die.
– Often plants find there way through fencing and your neighbors get angry about it. Don’t let them cut it down, ask them to take the stem and push it back through the fence.

When you cut the plant you just remove many leaves and a large limb(branch) of the plant, that’s not good because the more leaves a plant has, the more sunlight it absorbs. If there are less leaves, your plant wont be able to get its daily requirement of leaves and will soon die out, remember, Sunlight+Water+Carbon Dioxide=Food+Oxygen(Glucose+O2).

The more branches ripped/cut off, the more water the plants lose. The more leaves connected to the branches removes, the less sunlight gets to the plant. The more sunlight and water a plant gets, the better the taste of fruit and the more the flowers flourish.

So remember to ask your neighbor not to cut the plant when it crosses the fence, but to stick the plant back into the fence!

Seventh tip, Don’t harm the ones that help you. – Everyone knows that Bee’s are harmful. They sting you, your kids, your neighbors, your pets, anything. A bee will sting you. But only because you startled it while it was helping you.

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