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10 Must Do Simple Things in Life Before You Die?

There are certain things in life which you should do before you die. Life is great and you have only one life. Enjoy to fullest.

Here I am summarizing the simple things one should do before u die.

1)      Falling in Love.

U should experience the magical pain of love and the happiness of it before you die.

2)      Tell someone you love them a lot.


Happiness is the best thing you can give to any one before you die. Tell someone that you love them before you die as it doesn’t cost you even a penny.

3)      Giving birth to a new one.

Life is the most wonderful thing which god has given to mankind. Children are the key to happiness. Enjoy every moment with your own part of life

4)       Watch sunset and sunrise

Beautiful sunset and sunrise one should watch before you die. It won’t cost you anything. It is one of the most peaceful moments in life

5)      Go for a long walk in a full moon day with your love

6)      Walking in rain empty handed.


7)      Do some cultivation

At least grow a single crop in your life. It is very joyful to see a plant growing up under your care and within few days giving fruit.

8)     Quit your job


It is one of the pleasant things in your life. Don’t like your boss quit the job. Don’t like work quit the job. Find one which you like. Only very few people has that courage.

9)     Go for  Para gliding

10)      Taste Foreign food J

Taste almost all foods you can. Try to enjoy a food from a different culture and geographical diverse region.

These are the less expensive in credible things one can do in your life time .:)

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