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12 Ways To Open Up Your Creative Side 21st Century Style

Ideas and concepts come and go all the time. Sometimes they just go and you can’t think about anything to write about at all. Here’s a simple guide to get you opening up that creative connection again.

  1. Time to Yourself

    Let your mind open up when you’re driving, lying in the bath, standing in the shower or going for a long walk. When the part of your mind gets bored from a repetitive action or simply has nothing to do, it will close down. Your creative side kicks in. it’s like watching a film within your mind. It’s amazing. Ideas will flow from the stem of everything you know and understand about your life so far.

  2. Listen To Music

    If this doesn’t inspire your thought process then you may need special help. Seek advice immediately.

  3. Get Some Exercise

    Get down the gym and abuse your-self for an hour. Its only after you sit down relax and let your mind enjoy the endorphin saturation levels. That you become accustomed to a mind wondering infinitive conclusion of open suggestion.

  4. Sleep and Eat

    Sleep creates regeneration while eating creates a energy release cycle.

  5. Read

    Papers magazines and books. Keep those brain cells active and connective. When you read let your mind wonder and ferment.

  6. Write Your Ideas Down

    Always keep your mobile handy and jot notes down via draft text form. This works well when you haven’t got a nice little pen and note pad available.

  7. Look Through Reference Books

    Get a Thesaurus or a Dictionary and have a read through. Failing that, check out Google or Yahoo search engines for creative writing ideas.

  8. Don’t Feel Restricted

    Don’t feel restricted to what you think is right or wrong when it comes to writing. There is no such thing as correct format. Welcome change and make a difference in your writings.

  9. Think in Quality, Not Quantity

    When writing books, articles, short stories or anything that desires your stimulation. Try not to think of it as a huge work load. Take one paragraph or chapter at a time. Enjoy it and make every word come within.

  10. Don’t Do Drugs

    Stay away from stimulants,drugs or alcohol abuse. This will only bring you a state of stress.

  11. Visualize

    Watch a good film and engross yourself in it. Visual stimulation can open up many different thought paths.

  12. Brainstorm A Word or Thought

    . Get your ideas on paper in rough. Now watch how you progress and end up with a page full of ideas streaming off one another.

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