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20 Things to Do Naked

What can you do when you are naked? There’’s just something about doing ordinary stuff while baring it all that makes life a hell of a lot more fun.

1. Talk on the phone. Set a phone date with your guy for a naked good night. You don’t even have to discuss the fact that you’re need – just knowing it will make your chat sexier.
2. Play Wii. The vision of your guy trying to bowl a strike without pants on will have you giggling for months… and he’ll love watching you play tennis.
3. Take a mid afternoon nap. Wrap a blanket tightly around your intertwined bodies.
4. Have your own martini party. Be sure to ask for yours shaken, just to see him wiggle his ass.
5. Wash the dishes. Do it messily enough and it’ll double as a shower.
6. Have him paint your toe nails. Even if he’s not great at it. It’ll be cute watching him try.
7. Play an old school board game, like Monopoly.
8. Paint each other. Get online and order some body paint at, and indulge your creative sides.
9. Do karaoke. is free and will turn your laptop into a singing machine. Your guy should definitely belt out “Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)” naked.
10. Dance. Put on tunes by Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, and rock out with your…stuff out.
11. Clean your closet. If you’re nude, you can easily try on clothes to see if they should go in either the toss or keep pile.
12. Test a bunch of perfumes. Spray them on different body parts, and ask him to find where the various scents are.
13. Grab a deck of cards and play strip poker. Make a rule that the loser has to stay naked all night.
14. Goof around. Channel your inner Austin Powers and use random household items to hide each other’s naughty parts.
15. Cook a fancy dinner. When it’s ready, pour some wine, lights some candles, and strip down.
16. Pleasure yourself. No explanation needed on why this is a good awesome idea.
17. Pay your bills. Somehow, writing checks feels less painful when you’re wearing nada.
18. Knit. Pick a super-soft yarn. The cozy feel against your skin will light up your brain’s reward center.
19. Plan a vacation. Being naked is as casual as it gets, so it’ll instantly put you in the laidback mindset to plot out the perfect getaway.
20. Watch episodes of Arrested Development on DVD. You can laugh at Tobias Funke for refusing to ever be nude while you’re, well, nude.

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