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Be Your Own Person

It may be difficult to find out what is right from wrong in all cases, but each individual must not only rely on what he hears, but also be the guardian of the truth at the same time. With such a variety of humans on earth, one answer may not fit all and one truth may not be right for all. Do your homework and get the most out of life, you have but one chance to get it right.

There will never be a person in your life that you agree with all the time on everything. There will most likely never be a day that you agree with what you hear from others all the time. I never expect you to agree with me all the time and I will be skeptical if you do, but only because it would be so rare.

How many variations of the truth do used car salesmen come up with? Well, all but my brother’s used car business; he never stretches the reasonable doubt. But even the minister in your church might say something that you don’t agree with and that is fine. Aren’t you your own person? As a newly wed teenager, I was approached by many wise and knowledgeable men; one was a local insurance agent who assured me that the right thing to do was to take out a policy incase I died. That didn’t make sense: how could I spend the money? The second was a recruitment team from a local church. Now I had never attended that church in my life. They were telling me that I had to sign a paper to let them take ten percent out of my paycheck; it was the moral law. Needless to say, I passed on that one, too. My point here is: some of these people might have had good intentions, but they didn’t measure up with mine.

My first and foremost warning to my students was this, “listen to what I say, but make up your own mind.” Most often when a student asked me what he or she should do about a certain situation, I always told them not only would I not tell them what they should do, but they shouldn’t let me or anyone else do that either. Listen to advisors, teachers, and salesmen, but make up your own mind.

So, who has the answers? You do, but you have to be informed. The answers others might give may not be right for you. Two and two may not necessarily be four. Two apples and two oranges do not make four, but it may make four of something else: fruit. Two front truck wheels and two rear truck wheels don’t make four, this makes a set: different sizes. I could go on and on with examples, but this is not making much sense. It does to me, but I am sure you will find your own answers or conclusions to my statements.

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