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Being True to Yourself

The article speaks about the circumstances that can possibly help one to be true to himself or herself in the midst of the hassles and bustles of everyday life.

Life is not just about choices.  It includes our disposition and state when making choices.  One German philosopher in the name of Martin Heidegger says that most of the time, we find ourselves submerged in the concerns of the crowd therefore living us to be conformists or floating somewhere, leading to nowhere. 

In his perspective,  this is a state of being lost and not knowing our priorities that represent us as being true to ourselves.  We tend to assume false identities because of our ignorance to who we really are in terms of our potentialities.  We try to project a kind of identity that does not really represent our truest self and at the end, we end up not satisfied and not contented with our own life.  This is inauthenticity and to live an inauthentic life is surely to ruin our quest for true happiness or satisfaction.  Authenticity is what we need to be truly happy and be satisfied with what we do, and in Heidegger’s point of view, this our task.  We have to stick out our head from the rest and take possession of our lives.  It is at this point where we can realize that we can be who we are in the midst of outside forces that always dictate norms or standards that do not represent the discovery of ourselves. 

Our choices determine our dispositions because they are the expressions of our motives as well as the expressions of who we are.  It is therefore important to note that in being true to ourselves, we need to give ourselves a chance to examine our priorities and inclinations so that when we make choices, we are pretty sure that these choices are truly ours and they are not mere consequences of a reactive character.  This can be seen in the attitude of students enrolling certain courses merely because these courses are hot and seem to have very good appeals.  Surely, these students are the ones you see shifting from one course to another later, living themselves confused and lost.  This only implies that for us to be satisfied, happy and successful, we have to make sure that our choices are grounded on the knowledge of our potentialities that reinforce and give rise to right motives and productive character.  At the end, the knowledge of who we are will surely bring us meaningful life.

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