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Deciding What to Decide for a Decision

Choices in resolving problems in life is not just two sides of a coin.. Decode the other choices..

 Life is a chain of choices and decision that we make. That’s why choosing a resolution should be taken seriously.

For sure everyone of us has encountered different challenges. Challenges that sometimes hinder our ways for us pause or for some, not to continue our journey in life . But the clock is ticking, problems multiplies, and we can’t turn back time-we all know that.  And life must still go on. What shall we do to avoid ourselves being trap with obstacles of life ? THINK WISELY AND TWICE, CHOOSE, AND DECIDE.

But making a decision is isn’t easy. It’s like shooting an apple over the head of someone making sure that that person won’t be hurt. A decision may lead you either for the good-the solution, or for worst- another problem.

 But more than that,  there’s another problem that should be solved before thinking for a solution for our previous problem, that is thinking if that problem should be solved by mortals or at some time, should be solved just by letting that problem unsolved-a problem that don’t need your critical thinking at all. how?  You’re asking me how? Are you a real mortal? A real mortal should know that! There are problems that sometimes can be solved by time.

Society and mood of a person give effects to that person’s attitude, behavior, and thinking at that point in time. Let’s say that there is this someone suddenly encountered a problem because of what he felt about his environment, and that person just set aside that  problem and just do something else, then suddenly after doing the deed he had chosen to focus his attention to, he would be reminded by that problem and then he would just feel that that problem was already been solved by doing nothing, or maybe he wouldn’t remember it at all.  And a problem has just been solved !

In some problems, it is love that makes way for the solution. Because of love, we do care, we are willing to sacrifice, we understands, and above all, no matter how much pain we have felt because of our loved one, no matter what he have done to us, we are still willing to accept him or love him more. Let’s say for example you and your friend had a fight about a thing that lead both of you to blame each other. Either  the both of you or just one of you, may feel betrayed and there is also a possibility that because of that argue, you may feel that you don’t want to be friends with each other any more. But for sure after  some time, both of you would feel that you need each other, or at least missed your company together even just an hour of not talking or seeing each other.  And then, after all the bad things both of you have just thought or said, orally or mentally, against each other, you remain good friends or sometimes, even better. That’s the power of love for your friend within the both of you. See ? Sometimes just let your heart and go with it.

But in some cases, we think cutting our wrist is the only solution for our dilemmas, and sometimes, no one can ever stop us to do that. Before doing that, take a deep breath, take time to appreciate life, think of the people that you love and loves you too , think of their smiles fading as they watch your body dressed in full white as you lay your cold body inside your CATACOMB with no life at all. Do you want to see that? Life is just one. Keep your fire burning! As what I have said earlier, making a decision is isn’t easy, it never was- and never will. But always remember, all problems has a solution. And it’s for you to find out.

I’ve almost forgot! Aside from time and love as a solution in disguise, there is this another thing;  in times of confusion, in times when you are running out of choices, be reminded of one thing-prayer changes things. 

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