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Example of Oration

I do remember this oratorical piece from my childhood, would you imagine I was reciting this at the age of six during my nursery graduation. This is my brother’s oratorical piece from which he was being trained with his trainer Mrs. Mansalungan. My mother used to buy a McLain recorder for my brother to memorize the speech but I was the one who got fed up ending those words had been embedded in my mind.

I’m a Filipino

I am a Filipino, like breeze of fresh air , I blew the dust of the dull shelves of the past; and standing before you is forlorn figure of an innocent boy; yet filled with aspirations hopes and ideas that the so long awaited dawn of our dreams realization is now at hand and the moment of lifetime had come.

I am now the new breed of life which has suddenly emerge from a deep obscurity that from every moment brought me annihilation for I found myself absolutely and irretrievably shut off from every visage influence of confidence and of power.

Within this few years of the new era after the proclamation of our President of a new Republic accented a new visible shape assumed for the advancement of life bound to succeed with the guidance of a gifted man a fine mature that his success is yours and mine. And that we must labor hard with faith and noble in dedication with our mother land; the land of free; the land of true democracy. In her whelms is the equality among men, the oppressed is no more true; for the so called squatters will no longer exist for once to be squatter in his own land is hurting and the proof to live with Liberty is to own a piece of land which is a make believe had now turned into reality and this reality fills the heart of every new breed with rapture and affectionate loyalty that above all struck everyone with overwhelming force- the contrast between the old and the new.

The nasty old, they were debauch, selfish, pigheaded, ridiculous with a perpetual burden of debts. Confusions and dishonesty; they have vanished like a smoke in the atmosphere, atlas the change; a change for the best.

I just hope and pray that our able leaders, pillars of the nations who have consumed and assumed their responsibilities may truly see the reality; the reality which had envisioned before us by our great forefathers, to rally in the street of democracy where everyone is free- free from the old bondage.

On my shoulder lies the burden of responsibilities; to act, get involved, join the flow of builder’s … perceived quickly decide sensibly. Let us continue the journey – this journey awaits our cherished dreams.  

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