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This is a brief article describing the meaning of the phrase: Explore-Create-Evolve.

To begin with, let me tell you what these words mean separately. ‘Explore’ means to search thoroughly, ‘Create’ means to produce or form, and ‘Evolve’ means to develop or change gradually. From this, one can easily deduce what these words mean collectively. But that isn’t enough. Together, they mean a lot more than they seem to. They have a much deeper meaning which varies for different people and levels. For instance, if a student like me reads this phrase, the first thing that would pop up into his/her head would be academic projects. For projects, students explore the given topic, create meaningful reports on the same and finally evolve them into good projects.

Let’s consider another example. A person explores the topic of his choice, creates a website and uses people’s suggestions to evolve it to a better version. Another interesting example would be scientist’s innovations. Once they start working on an entity, they explore it, create conclusions, and evolve them into facts that form the basis of our knowledge. These are just daily life examples. If we think about this in a broader sense, this is exactly what life demands from us. We should explore our mistakes, learn from them, create good habits and evolve into better human beings.

So, be prepared to face all situations with the unbeatable EXPLORE-CREATE-EVOLVE method and be an achiever.

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