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Extreme Extremes – Girl Puts Used Tampon in Her Mouth on Camera!!

“What is the world coming to?” Seriously?
Maybe Giovanna Plowman can answer this question.

I cannot even begin to describe the disgust and the level of disheveled shock I felt when I saw this online the other day. Not only are people on Youtube starting to catch on, but it looks like the video is beginning to go viral. That’s if it hasn’t already.

I was curious as many people were and I decided to watch the video. First of all, I almost always expected that the girl would be of a young age. Secondly, she “set the mood” with a glass of water, and some random trash music.

Why do you need ot set the mood to do something that will most likely have you to drop dead by the end of your experiment? If anything you should of dipped the thign in the water and let it release it’s "Contents" into the water and then have a nice glass of good old "Menstruation Tea"!! And since we’re talking music, why didnt you turn on something like smooth jazz?

If you’re going to do something stupid, especially something like this, at least go all out with it!

She did the deed and “fetched” for her tampon, in which it was used. It was at that moment where I already knew the next thing to happen in the video wasn’t going to be good. The first few times she swung the “thing” near  her face and smelled it, My stomach felt like it was being rung out like a washrag.

Who in the world does this? We women in general know to never even do this, let alone go any further and do what she did.  And without further adieu, the heifer put the thing in her MOUTH! She did it several times to get all of the “stuff” out of the tampon. *ROLLS EYES AND SHAKES HEAD*

I felt my whole reproductive system ache when she did this. My brother called her crazy, but to me…. there is NO WORDS to describe how far past crazy she really is!

Also being that this tpoic is the kind that will draw a  lot of attention, i checked out her facebook page. She is now claiming the video was fake on one status, and then complianign that other girls coming behind her are trying to out do her. One has committed a shrewd act with "Man’s Best Friend" and another has done somehing i will not even speak of.

She is also dealing with a lot of bully issues at the school she attends. While i dont condone bullying, i can say the truth about this: She did kind of bring this onto herself. she recorded the video, whether or not it was fake, and she put it online for all to see who was curious enough to see.

Think about what you do before you do it. Especially when it comes to a video camera and the internet and its "WIDESPREAD AUDIENCE." You can delete it from a few places, and flag a couple of other sites to get rid of it but once it spreads, youcant deleteit from your reputation, or your life.

This is the type of thing that will follow her for therest of her life, and in the utmost standoffish ways.

I have heard of a woman who drinks her urine, another one who tips a glass of gasoline on the daily, and other crazy things but this just takes the cake!


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