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Five Fastest Methods to Build Self Esteem

Do you have high self esteem? Find out the key components to self confidence here.

We all want the drive, the nerve, the guts, the fortitude and the self confidence to get what we want out of life. In fact, most of us believe that those things are necessary in order to be successful! As humans, we dream big and we set our standards among the clouds. We daydream about that big promotion, making our neighbors jealous, or duly impressing our parents. In our minds, we successfully compete with our siblings, our spouses, our bosses or our ex-lovers. Let’s face it: we want to live the high life, right now, better than everyone else. Most of us believe that high self esteem is the key factor in all of these accomplishments. Five necessary steps to self esteem development will be discussed: View of Self, Map Programming, Through the Eyes of Others, Goal Achievement, and Self Peace.

View of Self. As you probably know, your own picture of yourself is one of the hardest to change and one of the most important to achieve success in your life. Even if you have the perfect job, the highest income, the fanciest house and the most loving family if your view of self is low than all of the other aspects are wasted. You are constantly putting yourself down, accepting less than stellar results, unhappiness rises, contentment drops and everyone is deeply affected by your lack of self worth.

The truth is others will see you exactly as you see yourself. Have you ever noticed that, when judging others, you compare notes with the one person who knows them better than anyone else? That’s right, you compare notes with that person’s own sense of self worth. If they know themselves better than anyone else, than their own perspective is the most reliable one. The same thing applies with you. If you have a low view of self, everyone else will automatically assume that you are right!

Change your view of self by writing down ten things about yourself that make you worth being alive on this earth. Then, write down ten reasons why someone else would be fortunate to have you as a spouse. Follow this with ten reasons why you are a good mom, dad, brother, sister or cousin. Make lists about your job, and be honest with yourself. If you are a poor employee, being honest with yourself will help to change your priorities and push you up the corporate ladder.

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