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Five Ways to be More Energetic and Happy

About how to get through a rough day at work, when your feeling depressed, or whenever you just want to be happy. I know I have days at work when I just can’t find the stamina to make it through the whole day and I find that whenever you are energetic you are definitely more happier than when you are tired and lifeless.

1. Listen to music. This is a main one in my ways to be energetic because music can do anything for you. It can make you sad, make you mad, make you tired, and it can make you happy. Be sure to listen to happy music though because it will get you through the day. Remember, happiness will make the day go smooth and quickly. Since you can’t always listen to music(working in a shop, or office) then you can buy an mp3 player and listen to it at lunch/break time.

2. Drink water. Water is like lubricant for an engine. If you don’t have any water you will be dehydrated and will feel really tired. If you are going to drink coffee or anything with caffeine in it, be sure to drink as much water because just having caffeine is not very good for your kidneys or your bladder.

3. Think happy thoughts. Everyone says this. When you think happy thoughts or look forward to something exciting, you don’t focus on the time as much. I have been at work at times and I just thought of something fun I was going to do and then I looked at the clock and it was time to leave.

4. Don’t get involved with gossipers or troublemakers. It’s logic, really. If you hang around with the bad, negative people at work then you will become a bad, negative person yourself. When you are negative your day goes 1/2 as fast. Negative=Slow and boring; Positive= Fast and colorful.

5. Laugh. Find something funny on the internet or just remember fun times. I had a guy at work that always smiled and sang and I thought he was crazy, but then I gave it a go and sure enough the day went by faster. Laughing goes right along with happiness so if you laugh and have a great time, you will be happy.

In conclusion, being happy is the key to the door of making your day go faster…and remember that negative symbol(-) represents minus the fun and the positive symbol(+) represents more fun.

Negative= Slow and boring; Positive= Fast and colorful 

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