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Five Ways to Make People Do Your Bidding

Some tips on how to make people follow you.

1. Aggression

Through aggression or anger…pissing off the other person, so that they would do what you want them to. Something like reverse psychology actually. You try to light up the fire in them so that they are motivated to do the stuff you want them to do for you.

However, I guess this works for people who are mild-mannered, those who usually keep a cool head, no use using it on an angry person, I reckon you would make him even more ill-tempered.

2. Pity

Pity or sympathy…yes the oldest trick in the book. We try to get sympathy from other people, so that they feel for us, they want to help and they fall for it. Sounds crude I know, but who says it doesn’t work?

This attempt works for people who has a great loving heart. People who has a heart of gold, people who are genuine. Please do not overdo it and take advantage of these people because in the end you would end up despising yourself.

3. Manipulation

In simple words, by the means of rewards or blackmail. Perhaps to some, this is the easiest way to get people to do things for us. By giving them rewards for a job well done or blackmailing them so that they have no choice but to do your bidding.

Well, I guess that this might work for most cases but it would be bound to wear off sooner or later when the offer or threat is no longer a factor.

4. Authority

Who can deny a straight order from the line of authority? We all grew up to understand that we have to follow the authority, the person in power, for instance: parents, teachers, employers, the government etc etc. Sometimes it maybe the school bully or a friend/leader you submit yourself to.

As long the authoritative person has a point and it is the right thing to do, usually people will find no means to rebuke the order.

5. Love

Yes, love.

For me, I remain that love is the best way to get people to do things you want them to.

No matter who the person is, your enemy, your boss, your friends and family, your other half; try loving them so much, without asking for repayment or returns, love wholeheartedly. One day they will finally realise that they could not do you wrong and they would not be able to say “No” to you.

However, you must firstly them truly, before you could break into their defenses, so that these people know that you truly care and that what you share with them is good for them. Love them so much that they would feel guilty that they do not perform up to the hopes you place on them.

Like what the image proposes: Love never fails.

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