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Forgiveness:the Noblest Revenge

Forgiveness is the noblest revenge ever .Read this article to find out more!

People generally return evil for evil -the noble and the most effective kind of revenge is to return good for evil -if the wrong-doer is paid back in his own con ,the gulf between the two particles will widen more and a thirst for revenge will make both of them restless -if good is returned for evil ,the wrong-doer will be filled with shame and remorse and his heart is likely to yearn for his enemy’s forgiveness -but there are exceptions to this theory ,where some people can not be moved by this noble gesture,because they do not understand the underlying nobility in it ,and rather take it for weakness on the part of the opponent ,and become more aggressive in their efforts -in spite of what can be discussed on the issue from various angles ,it is true that forgiveness is nobler than revenge .

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