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Free Advice: 10 Tips to Stop Being Rude in Public

Short article talks about how rude people are in public places.

Ok, in this article I am going to vent a little.  I am so sick and tired about how rude and inconsiderate some people are in public places.   It is truly amazing how some people act.  What is even more astonishing is that some of these people will do even rude things in front of their kids.  Now usually I am not one to speak up and say something to these rude people but lately I have been seeing more and more of it so I have been letting them know how I feel when I see it.  Of course, I usually get a negative response when I do speak up but it gets them to stop for at least a brief period of time of doing rude things.  What are some of the rude things people do?  Below, I have created a list of some of the most common rude things people do in public.  If you display or do any of these things then you might want to reconsider doing them next time or you will have to face the wrath of me, myself and I.  Now for the list:

  • Do not save spaces in line for your friends.  This also applies to not jumping in front of other people to get closer to the start of the line.  Wait your freaking turn like everybody else!
  • Do not yell across the restaurant, store, mall, or any other public place to get the attention of someone else.  I do not need to hear you making an ass of yourself so talk softly!
  • When you are speaking to a sales clerk, a waiter, or someone else waiting on you then get the hell off of your cell phone and give them the common courtesy of your attention for crying out loud!
  • Have your money ready when you are waiting in line.  Do not hold up the line by having to dig into your purse for change.  Have some courtesy for the people behind you in line!
  • Do not freak out on a sales clerk, a waitress, or any other person helping you when you are shopping or eating.  They are not intentionally out to make mistakes to piss you off!
  • Do not slap or yell loudly at your kid when you are in public.  All this does is prove how much of an ass you are so just stop it!
  • Say Thank you when someone either helps you or does something nice that they do not have to do.  I know its hard to say two words but I think you can manage!
  • Try to be a little more friendly.  Do not go out in a foul mood.  Nobody wants to talk to an asshole!
  • Do not complain to management about an employee unless it is warranted.  This applies to most situations where just walking away is most appropriate.  There is no need to get someone fired unless they truly deserve it!  Think before you act.
  • Watch your mouth.  There is absolutely no need to curse in public.  If you can’t go out without using curse words then don’t go out!  Have some respect for other people who might be offended by this or have young children nearby.   To go along with this, make sure you are not saying anything discriminatory or politically incorrect too.  This is a quick way to offend other people and should never be used!

Well, there you have it — My ten tips to stop being rude in public places.  Always remember that other people are judging you by the way you act and speak in public so follow these rules to not make an ass out of yourself or set a bad example to your kids. 

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