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Fun Things to Do in January

If you think January is just a boring, cold month, think again. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy til February. Book a getaway vacation, or take an exciting class. Treat yourself to a home spa or to a winter walk on the beach.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to settle back into our old lives. The problem is that January is a loonggg winter month. What to do? How to have fun in freezing temps. You’d be surprised by what you can do!

1) Take a hike. This is the season to enjoy nature even though there’s afoot of snow on the ground. There’s something soul soothing about walking through quiet woods, enjoying the snow covered scenery. If you can’t make it to the woods , then walk to the park in your neighborhood or just around the corner. Any kind of activity will get rid of all those holiday pounds you’ve gained.

2) Take up a winter sport. Now that there’s snow and ice on the ground you can get out the skates and skis. This is also the time to take lessons if you’re new to it. There’s also that childhood classic, sledding. Hit your nearest gold course (many will let you sled there) , grab a thermos of hot cocoa and start sledding (or tubing)

3) Go to the beach. Seriously it may be January but it’s the beach is an ideal place to relax. Bring a picnic if the temps are in the fifties and sixties. Fly a kite. Feed the gulls and pigeons. A winter beach more relaxing than a day at the spa.

4) Clean house. January is the month to start anew. Clean the house as you take down decorations. Spend your snow days scrubbing the tub or cleaning out the old year’s clutter. Donate any old magazines to area nursing homes. Give sheeting, clothes, old toys and shoes to shelters. Go through your pantry and decide what’s going to be kept what’s going to be donated and what has to be thrown out. Start the new year off with more room and less garbage.

5) Celebrate Barack Obama’s inauguration. We had a rock and roll election year 2008. celebrate the victory of this great man with your own party. January 19th falls .on a Monday. Stay home and watch it on TV. Celebrate with a bottle of champagne and a sigh of relief.

6 ) Book a vacation getaway. The worldwide economic crisis has created a big dent in winter escapes. You can find packages to the Caribbean for as low as 85 per cent off. Also gambling destinations such as Atlantic City not only offers casinos and entertainment but also major shopping along with walks along the beach. Las Vegas also offers shopping gambling and fine dining at low prices. Some European cities are also very cheap thanks to a bad economy and a low valued euro.

7) Chill out with your own at home spa weekend. You can buy products or create your own. Settle in for a lavender soak followed by a mud masque, Finish off with a mani/pedi along with a soothing cup of hot, herbal tea. Invite girlfriends over for facials and mojitos. Besides it’s a plus to get rough winter skin softened and exfoliated .

8) Take a class. Let 2009 be the year you learn something. Take a language class or skiing . Think about finishing up that degree you started ten years ago. Go on to the next level. Any knowledge is powerful and it may be handy for your current or next job. If you don’t; have the time look into online courses. Any university or college has them and you can attend class at two in the morning. (something that would have been cool back during our undergrad days).

9) Shop til you literally drop. Thanks to zero to little shopping over the holidays, stores are offering one of a kind bargains to clear out their overstocks. This is the time to invest in that big screen TV or buy that down coat. Take advantage of the traditional sales on sheets, towels and blankets. This is also the perfect season to stock up on shower and wedding gifts for those big events occurring in 2009.

Don’t think of January as an after holiday let down. There are plenty of activities for you to do despite the freezing weather. It’s definitely the most fun filled month of the entire year!

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