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Guidelines for Effective Listening

Whatever goals that the listener has in listening, he should know some guidelines that he should follow.

Be ready for listening

Show interest to the speaker and avoid daydreaming. Show respect to the speaker

Have a goal in listening

Are you going to listen to be entertained, get information, or to analyse?

Give attention to the gap or difference of listening and speaking

Listening is faster than speaking. Try to follow what the speaker is saying to know the ability as a listener. It will be done if you can get the summary of the said message of the speaker. It will show the gap of speaking and listening.

Know the important information and knowledge

Put your attention to the main idea that is discussed and avoid the things that can distract you from listening.

Avoid giving conclusion while the speaker is still speaking

Listen first before giving you own insight about the speaker and the things that he is saying. In good listening, you will know the weakness and the good things about the speaker, give it attention.

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