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Holiday Gifts Ideas for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are difficult to buy gifts for. Here are some suggestions on gifts that might really be appreciated by Seniors.

Senior citizens are sometimes difficult to buy gifts for. Their life style is different than most young people, so you have to make the gift fit the Senior citizen.

If they are in a nursing home, it is nice to buy something for their room. Since rooms are small, it is essential that the gift be something useful. A radio, clock, or a throw is a good gift. The throw can be used when they get chilled. Another great room gift is something for them to wear. Socks for their feet or slippers might be a good useful gift. Check with the Senior and see what they might like. Food is always a good gift, provided you check with the dietian to make sure that they can eat it.

If the Senior is active, a lot of gift ideas come to mind. A gift card for gasoline, a nice restaurant, or a department store is a good idea. They can choose what they want and use the gift card to pay for it.

Once again, if it is food, make sure that they are not on a restricted diet.

A throw, a neck pillow, or even a heated lap blanket make very nice gifts, also.

A box of assorted greeting cards is a useful gift, along with some postage stamps.

The children could make up their own gifts. They could offer to do dishes for them, read to them, or even mow their lawn. They can put these gifts on small pieces of paper and give it to them to choose throughout the year.

An offer to take them to the grocery store on a regular basis is a nice thoughtful gift on the part of the giver and receiver.

If the person does not drive any longer, a nice Sunday afternoon drive once a month is a great gift.

If they like to see movies, offer to take them to a movie every month or less often. Let the movie be of their choosing.

If they have a DVD or VCR, purchase some movies for them to watch in the comfort of their home. You could offer to rent a new movie and watch it with them periodically.

These might not be your normal gifts, but they will be appreciated by Seniors much more than the purchased ones.

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