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How Do Your Thoughts Vibrate Into The Universe and Influence Your Life?

Your thoughts create your life by vibrating out into the universe, attaching to similar vibrations and bringing these new vibrations back into your world.
Your thoughts are your reality so make sure you control them for your benefit.


The Law of Attraction translated means Sow For Success and Reap The Rewards ie. take action and deliberately co-create your life to manifest what you want.

Do not simply leave it to chance and take what you get!


Your thoughts are energy and have their own individual rates of vibration. If you find this hard to comprehend think of the brilliant new technology that allows men and women who do not have use of their limbs to operate computers with the thoughts they emit.


Your thought vibrations resonate with whatever possesses the identical energy frequency out in the universe. In other words, your thoughts are inseparably connected to the whole universe – just like you.

It is important to carefully monitor what you think, how you feel and how you act as these create the vibration of your Being. This vibration then seeks out and matches with identical vibration frequencies in the universe. You attract the life situation, people, challenges and opportunities that have the same vibrations as your own vibrations. Be careful you give out the right vibrations!


Remember the universe does not know whether you want or do not want the things that have the same vibrational match as you. It simply gives you what you match. If, for example, you constantly focus on not having a partner the universe will simply maintain your status quo and ensure that you do not have a partner as this is the vibration that you are emitting.


Research shows that you have over 50,000 thoughts a day. As your thoughts  influence what is manifesting into your life – ie. what you are attracting to you – it is  important for you to learn how to quiet your mind. You need to learn how to turn off the mind chatter so that you can have a direct connection to your subconscious which in turn has a direct connection to your higher Being.


Through the silence you can then make sure you are only sending out thoughts which will resonate with that which you want to manifest. You can also make sure that your thoughts of what you want are real and do not conflict with your core values and beliefs. For example there is no point in you having a goal to be a famous author if your core value is to be at home with your family all the time – as you would not be happy with the travel involved in the life a successful author. As a result your goal would be in conflict with your core value and the thoughts you emit in relation to your goal will not be powerful.

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