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How to Advertise Firewood for Sale

How to advertise firewood for sale in ways that will get it sold.

If you have firewood that you’ve cut and prepared for sale, you are going to run into a very disappointing time if you don’t actually get it sold. The key to selling firewood, or anything else for that matter, is all in properly advertising your goods. Otherwise, how will anyone know what you have for sale? Even those who would be happy to purchase from you won’t be able to because they won’t have a clue that you have what they want. The following are some suggestions that you can use to let people know that you have firewood to sell and hopefully, to get it all sold in no time at all.

*Local Newspaper

Your local newspaper is a great place to start your advertising, but keep in mind that your ad may just get over-looked in the midst of all of the other for sale type of ads, unless you make it stand out. Paying a bit extra for bold type, if this is offered, is one way to do this, or you might even want to pay for a box ad. Even a small box ad with a piece of clip art inserted will get far more attention than something that is just in with line after line of selling verbage. They are usually not too high in price, but will definitely put your ad apart from the rest and when it brings in more sales, you’ll find that it’s worth the initial investment.


Craigslist is a website that many people go on to find what they are looking for. On this site, you can advertise what you are selling completely free of charge. You simply create an account and then choose your local area from the list on the homepage. On your account page, you will see “post a listing in “your area”" on the top right corner. Click this and then go to “for sale” and choose the category you are going to list your product under. You can create your ad easily with verbage and you can add in up to four photos. It is a good idea to put the pictures in, even if you assume that everyone knows what firewood looks like, because people click more often on ads that have the picture symbol beside them as they scroll through the list.

*Use Your Vehicle

If you have a truck that you use to deliver firewood, keep it loaded up with a sign that lets people know that your firewood is for sale. Include your contact information and the price per cord or truckload that you are charging. You may be surprised to see that your truckload is exchanged to someone else’s truck just as you are going on your own daily errands and someone who needs firewood sees that you have it right there waiting for them.


Fliers can be great resources for you to use in your selling of firewood. However, it is the placement of the fliers as well as the important information given on it that will gain you success with the flier method of advertising. Place your fliers in places that people who need firewood often go. Many people, for example, that need firewood have country homes and will frequent places like feed and farm stores. Most of these stores have a bulletin board that you can place your flier on. Your flier should have a photo to catch the eye of people looking at the board, as well as all of your contact information, pricing, type of wood, and the quality of the firewood for burning.

*Stake Signs

Making your own stake sign is not difficult. You can simply use a large piece of cardboard, spray paint it white so that it really stands out, and in a dark and noticeable color, advertise your firewood for sale. Nail the sign securely to a stake and place it in your yard so that people passing by know that you have firewood for sale right there, where they are.

When you have firewood that you want to sell, the most important thing that you must do is to let people know that you have it. This is done by advertising and this can’t be under-estimated. Following the above suggestions, you are going to be able to do just that, let people know that you have firewood to sell and gain those customers who need firewood to purchase.

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