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How to Avoid Stupid People

Is there a way to avoid stupid people? Imagine your life without having to deal with the stupid people. Ponder upon what it must be like to live without the stupid people who are blighting your life at the moment. A life without stupid people would be so good but how can you achieve this aim? Read this and you might find out.

Extreme measures are necessary if you are to avoid stupid people. It takes planning to avoid their stupid faces, voices and the smells they invariably make. However, once you have lived without any stupid people, even if it is only for a day, you will feel stronger and better suited to taking on the other challenges of modern life. All the planning will be well worth your effort.

Our Method for Avoiding Stupid People

The only way to avoid stupid people and stupid behaviour is to turn yourself into a self-sufficient hermit. You can be a hermit anywhere you can control the entrance to. We have found that a bedroom, an apartment, a small house or a hotel room will suffice but ideally you want to be a hermit somewhere with a hot climate and an outdoor heated swimming pool. The latter can be achieved by hiring a Spanish or Portuguese villa or, when you want to be a long term hermit, buying such a villa. Tip: there are many bargains to be had on the villa front at the moment due to foreclosures on this type of property in Spain and Portugal.

Once you have the venue for your hermitage you must ensure that you have all you will need for your tenure as a hermit. You must have a ready supply of water and food. You can stock up with alcohol but we do not recommend this as stupid people are often attracted to alcohol much like moths are attracted to lights. As far as food is concerned, it is better to buy too much rather than too little as the worst thing that could happen is for you to be forced to exit your hermitage to buy food. This is because you will (make no mistake) be bound to bump into a stupid person during this out time. You must have an ample supply of drinking water before taking up as a hermit. In earlier times some Syrian hermits ran out of water and died and you do not want to be like them as that would make you stupid and that would defeat the object of your time spent as a hermit to avoid stupid people.

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