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How to be a Good Decision Maker

Decision making the most toughest are a few tips to be a good decision maker.

Decision-making is an important activity that requires special talent. Our entire future is dependant on the decisions we make. We are faced with many turning points in our life. Only a good decision maker will successfully pass through these turning points.

Certain people are afraid to make decisions. Walter Kaufman has termed it as decidophobia. Such people are unable to attain great heights in their career or in their life. We should have the courage and presence of mind to make the right decisions at the right time. It will help us to be a successful person in life. It is important to make the decision at the right moment. Decisions made at the wrong moment will not be successful.

We should be aware of certain things while making a decision. Good background knowledge is essential when we make a decision about something. Decisions made on half-baked information will fail.

During certain unavoidable circumstances, we will not be able to make a decision at once. It is better to wait for sometime so that we get a clear idea of the circumstances. Circumstances may change in our favor as time passes. Good decision makers do not act instantly. They wait for the right time to make the right decision. They give more importance to their intellect rather than their emotions.

There are people who avoid taking decisions. They float along the waves of life with an attitude of “what will be, will be”. Life will not be under their control. Life will take them to unknown difficult shores even without their knowledge. It is better to be a decision maker than a person who avoids responsibilities.

If we have a set of guiding principles in our life, it will make our decision making an easy task. Our principles of ethics and morality will act as a catalyst in our decision-making. .If we have a clear picture of our goal, it will help us in our decision-making. .We should have a clear idea of our position in the next five or ten years. It will encourage us to make the right decisions to achieve our long term and short-term goals.

We should not only wander in the valley of thought. After we have made decisions, it is the time to put our thoughts into action. We will know whether our decisions are correct or wrong when we act upon our decisions.

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