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How to be Successful in Goal Setting

Effective goal setting has to be taken with utmost care and planning. Goals set which are unattainable can cause disappointment and failure.

Many people start a new year with some good goal set for them. Unfortunately many of these goals are remained unattainable simply because they are not realistic goals. By realistic goals, it is implied that with the current resources and time available you can achieve the goal with some effort and patience. It is realistic in terms of the resources, time available with you and is limited to your capabilities.

Effective goal setting calls for careful analysis of situation and objective. Start with simple one and enjoy the satisfaction when you attain that. Instead of setting one large goal, split it into different simple ones. Reaching one can be a step towards the next one. It helps you to reach the highest one by conquering each individual unique goal one by one. Each time you reach the goal, the immense satisfaction will generate an enthusiasm to fight for the next one.

Take the case of a mountaineer. A mountaineer prepares for his task and carefully plans each and everything very meticulously before attempting to climb. He checks every resource he has to ensure that they are sufficient for him to reach the top. Each day he will conquer a fixed altitude and wait for the next possible opportunity to reach the next highest altitude. For him each set of altitude is a goal and the ultimate one that is the peak of the mountain. Patience and effort plays very equally important roles here. Without these two virtues nobody can reach the top of the mountain.

Goals are very important for human beings in order to succeed. Without them you can’t reach anywhere. There is no reason you should wait for an opportune time like starting of a year to set a goal. Time is fast running out and waiting for the right time may cause opportunities to vanish before you reach there.

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