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How to Deal with Rude People

Rude people can blight your life if you do not know how to deal with them. This article explores your options and could improve the quality of your life…

As the world’s population increases so does the percentage of it which is rude. More and more people have no manners and more of them are incredibly rude. This article explores some of your options for dealing with the rude people you will inevitably come across in normal daily life. This article was inspired by the famous comedy Agony Aunt Wilma Proops

Is It Possible to Live a Life Devoid of Rude People? The First Stage in Dealing with Rude People

The only ways to live a life devoid of rude people is to live like a hermit or to employ others to get rid of the rude people before they come anywhere near you. Both of these solutions are impractical or impossible to achieve. We therefore have to accept that there we will have to deal with rude people and sometimes on a daily basis. Accepting this fact is the first stage in dealing with rude people.

The Second Stage in Dealing with Rude People

So, you’ve accepted that you will have to deal with rude people from time to time. The second stage is to be ready for them. To be ready for them you must be aware of the types of rude people you might come across. Here is the list:

  1. Ignorant rude people
  2. Arrogant rude people
  3. Selfish rude people

Dealing with Ignorant Rude People (Stage 2A)

Ignorant rude people (also known as stupid rude people) have no idea they are being rude. You could ignore them completely if they are rude to you but they won’t actually notice. Another tactic might be to be as rude to them as they are to you… but often they will still not notice. Therefore, you have two effective ways of dealing with this sort of rude person. The first is to avoid them completely but (as mentioned above) this is sometimes impractical – for example, what if your son were to marry a ignorant rude person? Your alternative is to teach the ignorant rude person some manners. You can do this by telling them how rude they are and suggesting alternative ways to behave or (and this method takes much longer but works with children in an education environment) reward good manners and punish bad manners

Dealing with Arrogant Rude People (Stage 2B)

The best way to deal with arrogant rude people – these are people who are rude because they truly believe they are better than the people they mix with – is to teach them a lesson and/or totally humiliate them. The best time and place to do this is when they are with people they are not being rude to because these are the people they patently believe to be their equals or superiors. When in this place the arrogant rude people are vulnerable from home truths. There is no need for anything elaborate just ensure that the people present hear that you are sick and tired of Mr/Mrs/Ms So-and-so’s rudeness and would appreciate it very much if they didn’t upset you and other people from now on.

Dealing with Selfish Rude People (Stage 2C) 

People who are the selfish rude have to be thwarted. You must thwart them. For example: they have just been rude because they think being so will further their career/make themselves look good in front of various people; you must make sure that their career is not furthered and that they soon look bad in front of the people they may have impressed with their rudeness. Selfish rude people are often rude because they haven’t time to be polite. Teach this sort a lesson – being rude at any time is not acceptable: for example (obviously when there are no witnesses about) pour a jug of cold water over their head while telling them that you would not have to have done this if they were not so rude… this is a joke by the way… or is it?

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Parental and Societal Responsibility – Stage 3

Many parents and guardians of children have no manners themselves so are hardly likely to pass on good manners to their children/cares. This doesn’t mean that they do not love their children – even if it does sometimes. We should all make sure that we tell rude people that they would have better lives/achieve more if they just learnt some manners. As manners cost nothing they will eventually see the sense in what we are saying.

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