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How to Draw Money to Your Home

Everyone wants money, it’s human nature. Money to eat, pay bills, buy nice things. This is one way to get it to come to you.

As crazy as it might sound, cleaning your home, getting rid of the junk, the clutter will allow money to flow in to the home. It invites it. Summons it.

Don’t allow dead plants to live in your home.

Keep all negative thoughts and feelings, vibes away from you and your home.

Think positive all the time.

Keep busy, clean your butt off. Sweep, dust, mop etc…

Burn incense. They have money incense at the store you can buy, but it doesn’t have to be that. It can be any.

Use pine-sol.  Pine-sol smells great and it smells clean!

Anything you can do to make your home clean helps.

Then there is the candle burning….candles draw energy, positive energy!

White candles are the best!

Burn a few votive candles daily. It won’t hurt a thing as long as you are being safe about it.

Before you know it, the money will be flowing in!

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