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How to Handle a Person with a Bad Attitude

Have you ever walked away from someone wishing you had told them off, but didn’t? Did you ever feel like you could have handled yourself better when dealing with a person with an attitude? Article provides tips.

What do you do when you are a manager, parent, or hold some other position of authority and have asked your relative or a worker kindly to do something for you and they give you a negative attitude? 

Well, let’s first talk about what you don’t want to do, you don’t want to talk their talk or in other words, stoop down to their level.  What I mean by this is you don’t assume you know how to use the slang they use to quiet he or she, like when talking to a teenager, unless you are using it as an element of surprise tactic then if you do they won’t be mad at you they most likely will laugh and respond with, “Oh no she didn’t…did she really go there?”  To be more clear on this point, take for instance, your teen is working on something that is unimportant to you but means the world to them, but you need them to do something for you right now, they will most likely sigh heavily, and answer you rudely, now you have a choice you can either keep calm and explain, cuss him or her out and snatch the teen up by his or her collar, or walk away and wait for the opportune time to teach this child a lesson. 

I personally like the keep calm and explain choice and then later teach them a lesson, the violence had been used on me in the past and all I can say is it took me years to get over my anger and if you think it made me act any differently, call me crazy, but I got worse as a teen when relating to adults.  Fear tactics never caused me to cower and go into hiding it only made me stronger and eventually caused me to go out into the world swinging, so I don’t recommend violence be used unless you as a parent or leader feel threatened.  Now using the element of surprise tactic is when you suddenly change your personality from the bossy parent to the friend on the street, if you do the impression real well they may laugh, then again they may not.  Now if the child is two years old yelling about what they won’t do, can I just say this without anyone getting offended, you might not want to spare the rod especially if the Nanny 911 tactics aren’t working, but that’s all up to you. 

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