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How to Handle Mood Swings?

How many times a day or a week do you feel low? How many times do you feel that everything is meaningless in life and you don’t wanna do anything? How many times do you react severely even at an insignificant matter and make your friends and acquaintances suffer? If the answer is “a lot”, then it’s time to give it a second thought.

You are not alone, but a lot of us, be it teenagers or adults, suffer from mood swings in recent days. And trust me, this is not your fault alone. With increasing competition, constantly fighting for surviving in the race and reaching the top, the tension about meeting deadlines and with many more complexities of life, we sometimes loose control over ourselves. As a result we behave in a way which we ourselves know is wrong and our partners or companions would suffer from that. But if we give a little thought over our mood swings, we can take control over it rather than letting our mood taking control over us. Too frequent mood swings is also not good for our mental well-being. Here are few tips which you can practice in case you suffer from this syndrome.


  • If you feel that you are in a very bad mood, then instead of hurting someone by your words, better you keep your mouth shut and let yourself cool down. You will not have a control over your words and would unknowingly hurt even may be someone you care for and would regret later. You can later explain the reason of your silence.
  • Try to listen some soothing music. Music has been proved to have some calming effect on our brain and mind. Let all the negative energy go out of your mind and flow with the tunes. After this session you will wake up very refreshed.
  • Go and get a relaxing spa treatment. Soak in the goodness of a head massage or a body massage. If your body gets relaxed and rested, your mind will be relaxed too because as it has been always said that a tired body can not have a fresh mind.
  • Try and do something that you really really love and enjoy to do. It can be cooking, gardening, stitching or even vacuuming your house. Make the environment suitable for your job and start rolling!
  • Try and think positive even when you feel that you are the least-loved and least-wanted person in the whole world. Push away all the negative thoughts coming your way and think about those people who loves you and really cares for you like your parents, your best friend, the love of your life. This will definitely make you feel good.
  • If you can’t put your energy in doing anything while you are feeling extreme low, then try to get some sleep. While you will sleep, your body and mind both will be at rest which will help in refreshing both your body and brain. When you get up you will feel much more positive about life and yourself.  


These are the things that I generally do while my mood goes through a turmoil. And honestly, these have helped me a lot. That is why I thought of sharing this with you. I hope my friends here will also get benefited.

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