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How to Make School Fun

Simple ways to make school fun!Hae.

If your bored at school, and want some more fun during the day? Well look no further! I will be telling you all the simple and FUN ways to make school enjoyable.

  1. Bring your Ipod, most teachers allow ipods in class, when your working silently on something ask if you may listen to your ipod.
  2. Make new friends! You may never know who in your class might be just like you, try talking to them, its better then listening.
  3. Joke around with your teachers. This is always fun, and no i don’t mean make fun of your teachers just raise your hand and tell a joke about what your doing. Teachers always get a kick out of it and it brightens their day.
  4. Have piggy back rides in the hallways.
  5. Pick on the underclassman.
  6. Get into some activities and sports, it will give you something to look forward to later in the day.
  7. Doodle on pieces of paper, if they teacher sees ask them to show it to the class!
  8. Pull some pranks. (stink bomb, etc..)
  9. Have really fun spirit days. (Dress up like a girl, pajama day, etc..)
  10. Get along with your teacher, it has its advantages.
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