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How to Read a Person by His/her Eyes?

Here are some easy ways to judge a person by looking at his eyes.

If you want to read a person by eyes it is very easy after you read these simple methods.

Just ask some easy questions to any one or talk with him for a while then when he answers your questions or talk with you look straight in his eyes.

You will observe different type of response and movement of his eyes. This will lead you to the right conclusion about reading him.

1. If you see that eyes of that person is moving here and there and he is not looking towards you it means he is telling a childish type of answer, telling you lie which child use to tell very often. Also his mind is disturbed. The more his eyes means the less he is focussed and concentrated, and the more careless he is.

2. If you see that the person is looking straight in your eyes or forehead then it means he is confident with his words and he is honest and truthful. To get more sure, keep looking in his eyes, if he doesn’t escape your eyes then it means he is really firm with his words.

3. If you see that one of the eyes of the person gets little smaller while speaking it means he is playing tricks to convince. He is trying to fool you.

4. If you see that person is looking downwards it means he is hiding some part of truth with you and not telling you complete truth.

5. If you see that person is looking somewhere else while talking to you, do not trust him. 

6. If you see a person who keep his eyes almost closed, squeezed as if sunlight is falling on his eyes then never ever trust on him. He is very cunning person and a big liar. He will cheat you for sure.

7. If you see a person looking only at your forehead with natural loving look, not scaring, he is very humble an kind person. Listen to him, he will always talk good for you.

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