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My Bucket List

My bucket list is long, but I wrote even the impossible things down. To me, a bucket list is a compendium of dreams; if money were no object, what would I do? Where would I go?

I would not have a permanent home. No, I don’t mean I’d like to be homeless, I would like to make my home where ever I go. I know that I would not be in Maine from the day after Christmas until probably mid-April. I would be someplace warm with beaches, parks and shopping (and golf to keep Jim occupied). It might be Florida, an island, Arizona or Hawaii. I would come back to Maine for summer because there simply is no better place than Maine in the summer. A cottage on a lake would be nice, but close enough to a city to enjoy all the things cities offer (like delivery food).

I would take each one of my grandchildren on a trip that they would remember for the rest of their lives. Just one on one time.

I would go back to college and get another degree. I loved school and studying.

I would spend one summer traveling Europe by train with just a backpack.

I’d throw a dart at a map of the world and go there.

I’d learn to tango.

I’d travel to Israel for a month, at least.

I’d be baptised in the Jordan River.

I’d learn two languages; Italian and Spanish

I’d hop in my truck and just go, traveling around America and writing about my experiences.

Yes, my bucket list would be expensive to empty, but what a ride it would be!

Liked it
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