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No Food, No Heat, No Electric, No Home: What to Do in a Bad Situation

Wake up today only to find a utility turned off? Don’t have money for food? Can’t make ends meet? Things can go from bad to bad, bad to good, or bad to worse. Here are some things to do while waiting for things to get better. It’s better than doing nothing.

They were behind on their gas bill by only a few months, but when they woke up one frosty Monday morning their worst fears had come true. Their gas had been shut off and there was little they could do about it. They owed more than they could pay, from the cold winter months that ravaged the Midwest..and like many others, they found that the gas company could shut them off when the temperature reached a certain level. No matter that next week it was going to get below freezing..the only way to get the gas turned back on was to pay the amount in full.

Could anyone help? No, they actually made too much money to get assistance. They had no savings, she was unemployed, and they really needed the money he made to put food on the table. Sometimes you have to make choices-food, or utilities. Food or medication. Medication or illness and death. And the list goes on.

So what can you do in situations like this? Situations where you feel defeated, as if you have no power over your circumstances? I suppose you could borrow the money, if you have it in your power to do so. Then you can owe somebody else (or they can own you). Some people don’t have that opportunity open to them though, do they?

Here are some things you can do though-and realize that things can and will get better if we just sit back and give it a chance. But you can’t just sit still and let it all happen without fighting back with your wits and survival skills, now can you?

If you gas is shut off, hopefully you have an electric water heater and stove. You can always buy some electric heaters to keep your home warm enough to tolerate the winter months. The trick and the key is not to let both utilities get shut off at the same time, as that would make things very difficult indeed. If you must go without paying one, make sure the other is paid in full every month. I prefer, personally to have electricity to operate those things that are important to me. After all, I can’t use a computer or watch TV, or even read a book with natural gas. If you can at all afford to replace your gas appliances for electric way before it ever becomes an issue-you won’t be faced with the inconvenience of heating water in the microwave to take a bath. It can be done though. If it happens and you have a gas water heater and stove, you will quickly learn that the microwave oven and your grill are your friends. You can always get electric room heaters and electric blankets to warm you, and you can always wear more clothing, in layers. You can survive, so take a deep breath and start planning.

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