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Proper Ways to Write Resume

Resume is important every time you apply. This will help you to learn more.

Resume is a document that consist information of Personal, Education, Experience and Professional Qualification for Job Application.

Resume should have:

  • Name,
  • Contact Details
  • Place of Residence

The Following information must be on the top and center. Your name should be complete, the contact number should be updated and complete address must be written.

Job Objective

The Qualification you want to offer the company you are applying for

Work Experiences

Write your previous experience. It includes the company name, position title, brief description of your responsibilities and the date of employment.

Educational Background

You should write the name of your school, educational level, degree and major with the date you have graduated.

Extracurricular activities

Write the community development activities that you have join.

Certification and Seminars

Write the details of the seminar you have attended and the Certification that you accomplished.

Special Skills

List down your skills which is related to the position you are applying for

Awards and Achievements

Write down the academic and Professional awards and achievements that you received.

Character References

Always remember that your character references should know you personally.

Always remember to put this at the end of your resume

I hereby certify that the information above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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