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Qualities of a Perfect Leader

I believe that every leader should posses these qualities.

Every team needs their perfect leader to light the path. This leader must have at least three amazing qualities. The first quality is trust, the second is having no fear, and the third is a leader should possess high self-esteem.

A team must be able to trust their leader. That means that a leader cannot lie to his or her team or keep secrets from them. They should be open and not afraid to tell the truth to their team. By being trustworthy, a leader gains respect and has more control over their team. If a trustworthy leader says, “never leave a man behind”, then his or her team will follow that order and no one will be lost during an important operation.

A fearless leader is extremely important during life or death situations. They should be able to keep calm during the direst of situations. This shows their team that they shouldn’t panic and lose control. If a leader panicked and lost control of the situation, the entire team could be lost or lose an important battle.

If your leader had low self-esteem and didn’t believe that he or she could succeed, would you feel safe in that team? A perfect leader must be able to keep their head held high and they should believe in themselves. It sets a great example for the team and keeps their self-esteem high too. As soon as the leader starts to doubt them self, the whole team falls.

In conclusion, a perfect leader should have these three great qualities: trust, fearlessness, and a high self-esteem. These qualities will help the leader bring their team to victory.

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