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Read Different Types of Smiles

Only 13 face muscles are used to smile. But reading the game of these 13 muscles are Not easy. All smiles do not express happiness.

There are 135 distinct gestures and expressions of face, head and body.  A British nonverbalist research team led by Christopher Brannigan and David Humphries has catalogued these. Out of these 135 gestures, 80 are face and head gestures.

It takes 64 muscles to frown and only 13 muscles of face are used to smile. But only these 13 muscles have caused many histories of war and cry in the world. A lover dies for a smile of his beloved one. Smile is a common language in all the communities of the world. Everybody of this planet knows how to smile.

Though we generally consider smiling is the expression of happiness and pleasure. But we all should remember one point that smiles is not always associated with happy moments. As per the nonverbal communication there are various types of smiles. The basic smiles are

  1. Simple smile
  2. Upper smile and
  3. Broad smile
  4. Oblong smile

Simple Smile. this type of smile takes place with teeth unexposed, generally found in persons busy with any outgoing activity. Here the person smiles with himself.

Upper Smile. In this type of smile, the upper incisors are exposed and people make this smile while meeting others keeping eye to eye contact. It is done during greeting, meeting friend etc.

Broad Smile. During this type of smile, both the upper and lower incisors are exposed. It happens during a goal in football match or in any other games and sports. Generally no eye to eye contact takes place during this type of smile.

Oblong Smile. There is another one type of smile, called Oblong smile. Oblong smiles are not a real smile and generally made as a part of courtesy or politeness. During this type of smiles the lips are drawn fully back from both the upper and lower teeth and thereby making the oblong with the lips. During formal moments, these types of smile are seen more as to give feelings that the joke was very nice.

There are some other commonly practiced and typical types of smiles. These are

  1. How do you do smile
  2. Typical nonsense smile

How Do You Do Smile. This type of smile is done with only the upper teeth exposed and lips are slightly open. It is a corporate smile.

Typical Nonsense Smile. This type smile takes place once someone is happy with himself or herself. Here the lips bend back and up, but remains together and teeth are also not exposed.

There are many more classifications of smiles. Smiles are a display of only 13 face muscles curves. Though it is only 13, but means a lot in the world. A smile is well enough to make the whole world a beautiful planet.


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