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The Four L’s of Life

About life goals.

If you really think about it, life can be broken down into 4 things that all start with L, allowing me to make a cheesy, cheap list of things about life and call them the “4 L’s.”

Love (or Lust)

Who doesn’t dream about love? OK, obviously some people, but everyone has desires. (Wow, I feel like an English teacher) It’s an instinct, so everyone (except eunuchs) wants someone. Obviously, this can lead down some bad roads like adultery (or marriage, if you consider that bad…).


OK, this one is kind of a stretch…the basic idea is that everyone wants to extend something. Nobody tries to die quickly with the mentally ill and emos excluded from that statement. Even for people who aren’t trying to extend their lives, they might want to extend their youth or their happiness or their relationship with someone. People often take extreme measures in order to extend things.


We all want things we don’t have or really need. This is obviously different from a starving child wanting food because he or she NEEDS food, but the child also wants toys which he or she doesn’t need. At every level of wealth, everyone is looking to improve their possessions with another possession that is just out of reach. Desire for things can lead down a disastrous road, like the other 2 aformentioned L’s.


Most people want to be remembered for something, and it is usually for something good. Being famous and/or making an impact ont he world that makes people remember you is a goal in life from everyone’s earliest days: everyone wants to be recognized by his or her peers for their accomplishments, and the admiration that comes along with this recognition ifeels great. Of course, some poeple want a legacy more than other people, but nobody just wants to be forgotten.

The 4 L’s are not solutions, they are problems. As one pushes to achieve the 4 L’s, they get consumed by only this pursuit. People stop caring about others and worry only about personal advancement. I have no solution for avoiding the 4 L’s, nor am I immune to the 4 L’s. Being informed is merely the first step to solving the problem.


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