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The Most Important Person on Earth

I am about to share with you an unusual knowledge about the most important person in the universe. Who could that person be?

Well, I am about to share with you an unusual knowledge about the most important person in the universe. Who could that person be? Why is he the important and how do I know him? This is good questions you might be asking. I quite agree with your reasons in this subject.

Man was created for a specific assignment on the earth. He was equiped with everything needed to be successful and fulfill his calling. But unfortunately, only but a few men recognize that nature has so much fashioned them in a way that presents joy and fulfillment.

The most important person on earth is ….’ Please forgive me for the ellipses. I have to remind you of whom this person is.

His natural physique does not matter here. He might be from America, Asia or Africa. But all these are mere features which does not even affect him. The truth about him is that he is a SPIRIT having a soul, enveloped in a container called “body”. He is very important to his maker and that is why I want you to understand him and get acquainted with him.

The truth is this, the real man is not the one seen with the optical eyes as some philosophers will presume. The real man cannot be seen because He is more powerful than mere eyes. If the real person is us were to come out, even the whole earth will shake because of the exploits He will do.

“The most important person on earth is YOU”. Yes you. Don’t be surprised because of this statement. You are the most important person if only you can recognize your abilities on earth and use them judiciously. My cousin once asked me an emotional question. He said, “Are we special?” I startled before answering him considering the fact that I was a novice on this subject. But today, I can possibly tell you that we are special creatures.

Let me share a few abilities which you do not know you posses. These abilities are necessary for your good health and success. Take a look at them.

  1. You were just a part of Almighty God.

    This is because he created you in his image and likeness. So you have his might to succeed. You are not ordinary but extraordinary.

  2. You can achieve more than you assume if only you can step out.

    This what nature wants from you. Do not allow anyone to kill your spirit, move out and achieve your dreams.

  3. You have received a tremendous power to climb and overcome any mountain that is ahead of you.

    So do not be afraid of their faces.

  4. You are tripartite.

    You are comprised of spirit, soul and body. This tells you that you are not alone at all. You are three in one.

  5. You can make it if you want.

    This is a great ability that everyone on earth posses. If you believe you can make it, then you can. Never think of failure because failure is not a person but an event.

This is the core abilities of the most important person on earth which is YOU. They can change your life forever even as you accept them. See you at the top.

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