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The Stranger in The Dark

This may be a scary stand alone story as it was firstly written, however I have some idea of where this story was going if I could carry it on, so it could be a chapter of a much bigger tale, who knows. Why not tell me if you would like to hear more of this tale.

You know when you get to your room at night and you go to your window and close the curtains, do you ever get the urge to just stare at the sleeping world for awhile? Staring out into the dark punctuated by the stars and the odd rumble of some distant car. 

Well I do. I love the peace the quiet, staring down the street into the pitch black of night, illuminated ever so often by the hazy glow of the street lamps. I do this every night, sometimes for hours at a time. Just watching, listening to the far away sounds of cars and trucks. Seeing nothing more than the odd cat rushing by, or the odd fox chasing its tale. That was what I normally saw anyhow.

Tonight i saw something else, and let me tell you I was shitting bricks here.

So I had stayed up late to watch a film and now at 2:30am, I finally thought it was time to retire to bed. I had got myself a cup of hot chocolate, and was just about to sit upon my window sill as I did everynight, drink the chocolate as I watch the world go by, then I would be relaxed enough to sleep soundly.

I placed my cup on the window sill and suddenly jumped.

Something had moved outside. Quickly, between the trees. So fast I could not even see if it was real. I stared for some more time. What had I seen, I could no longer see any movement outside. So once again I sat at the window gazing out, when suddenly the sky around me seemed to darken a little, I was not sure if it was just me. Then the movement returned, darting below me from tree to tree. It was moving so fast, I had seen no animal move that fast before. There seemed to be a whisp of a cloud like substance that followed it wherever it went, trailing behind whatever this thing was. I could not see what was creating this darting figure, but it sure as hell was scaring me a little. Probably some strange fox chasing something it had tried to capture, least thats what I told myself, seconds later, my heart fell from my chest as I realized how wrong I was.

The figure came to a halt outside the wall to my garden, I stared at it for a minute for the light seemed to have almost gone, and in that dim light I could see no visible shape or outline. However as my eyes managed to adjust, the shape became more clear, it was a hooded figure, its face hidden, but his head was pointing up at me.

Liked it
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