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Understanding How Attraction Works with Women

This article summarises some of the important ways to make an impression with women. The tips I have given over here are based on real life experiences and not sleazy pick artist routines who just want to make some money out of all this.

Tips : 1

Probably the most important tip is to be yourself. I cannot stress how important that is when it comes to impressing women. Many people project this image of themselves to be such a cool guy or girl ( if your also interested in women). But women know what your hiding from them and can easily see it through you. So I propose a better way of doing things. Instead be your self. List down all the amazing personalities and attitudes that you have to offer to the world and start working on improving them one by one. I know this may take a lot of valuable time but spend at least 15 minutes or more a day writing down something about your self that you really admire the most.  In most situations, this particular personality starts to get reflected in you.

Tips 2:

The art of conversation: It took me a while to understand how this works but every day I get better at it. Let say you see a pretty chick standing near shoe shop and checking her mobile. You could start a conversation around the lines “Hi, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but why is that many women spend more time sending messages rather than face to face chatting. I always wonder that when I see good looking women like yourself on your own busy flicking through the buttons on the mobile.”  Your task is not to get a good answer to this question but to build a connection with her while in this conversation. The art of conversation is all about building connections with people around  you. Pay attention to your surroundings and understand whats going on.

Tips 3: 

Tip 2 leads me to my third tip of the day which is paying attention to the person your in a conversation with. Many guys spend more time in front of the mirror dressing up for he occasion and looking good, but not spending time to think of a good conversational openers (not pick up lines). This is one of the reasons why you find there to be quite awkward moments of silence in the dinner table with your date. Uhhh…I hate those moments. You have no idea what to talk about. Instead I propose that you use a few conversational openers as back up just in case you have nothing to talk about. Even a simple how was the day like for you today?, Did you have trouble getting here? does not do any harm. It shows that you care about the person your on a date with. Start paying attention when women talk to you. This can help you to build up a lasting conversation. And stop thinking about sex with her while your in a conversation, that a total NO NO…..I must also stress the importance of lightly touching her on her arms. Learn a few tricks that you show her, I personally like to talk about palmistry and astrology as those are areas I like to do research on. Palmistry gives you an opportunity to hold her hands while talking, which returns responds well. Women love guys who can touch and talk but not touch awkwardly.

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